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I Don't Know How You Do It

A lady passed me in the supermarket last week.  I had a cart full of groceries, a couple kids hanging off the sides of it, one pulling on my shirt begging for something that had been placed at eye level, and another one trying to open the doors to the refrigerated food section. At this point in life, I know better than to make eye contact with strangers in public. Unfortunately, her eyes just happened to be in the exact direction of the milk case I needed to push my motley crew towards and as I plotted the path of least resistance, before I knew it, we'd locked eyes. "Excuse me", she said, "are they two sets of twins"?  By now I'm used to the statement and even though it makes absolutely no sense, I gave my half-hearted smile and gave my standard reply of "No ma'am. They're one set of quadruplets".  At this point, she launched into the typical response: mouth opens wide, confirms that I'm telling the truth, "I've never seen qu…