A bump (and a bite) in the road...

Yesterday I wrote about my move and all the work I have to get done in it. This morning, I made a trip to the local ER for two reasons. During my move, I felt something pop in my foot while we were loading the truck. I nonchalantly put a bit of ice on it and then went on for four more days trying to get moved without getting proper medical care. My foot was getting worse and worse. Then, yesterday, one of my daughters decided that our cat needed to go outside to "play with dogs". In spite of both my and my sister's advice that this wasn't a very good idea, she went with her four years of life experience that this was a great idea. A few minutes later, I went outside because I knew my assistance would be needed in some form. Sure enough, she had the cat up in the air above her and the big dogs were trying to chase it. Fortunately, she let the cat go so she didn't get mauled, but as one can expect, the dogs tried to eat the kitten. Knowing an injured or dead cat would tear all four of my kids apart, I yelled and screamed at the dogs while chasing after the menagerie (injured foot and all),  I saved the cat, but her thanks were to promptly dig her claws into my left hand and then bite the inside of my thumb multiple times.

Because the redness and swelling kept moving upwards on my hand towards my arm, I applied some essential oils last night to help it (and they worked) but I still wanted to be cautious as cat bites can be dangerous and I already had the foot pain going on. This morning, I had a long-time family friend come over to watch the kids so I could go to the ER.  I ended up having to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics for my hand. They took xrays of my foot and thankfully, my foot isn't broken but it is sprained rather severely. The doctor told me it was good I had it looked at because if I'd have kept walking on it, it would have gotten worse.  So now I get to wear a boot for three weeks while it heals. Instantly after the sweet nurse applied the ACE wrap I could feel relief so I'm actually not minding wearing the boot right now, but I can imagine after a few weeks it will become annoying!

No progress on the house today as I spent most of the day resting and healing. The tetanus shot made me super tired and gave me a low grade fever which I kind of expected. With that, I think it's time to try to follow doctor's orders and elevate my foot and rest. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring lots of progress on the house! I am excited to update you! I hope you'll stay tuned!


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