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Parenting: We all want to get it right, but are we?

Every time you hear the phrase "single mom", an image, a stereotype,  pops into your head. Likely, that image involves a woman with more kids than society deems appropriate, working three jobs and still struggling to make ends meet.  She's forever stressed, her house is a mess, her kids eat cereal for most meals, and she's one spilled glass of milk away from a complete breakdown.  When I set out to become a Mom, this stereotype surely wasn't what I pictured for my life or my childrens' lives.  Yet, here I am. Now, when I reflect upon my own life, that stereotype picture is now my reality.  
With each spill or mess I have to clean up, I'm constantly wondering if this is the one that's going to finally push me over the edge. Most days, I fall into bed completely exhausted and replay the day over in my head.  From the moment my alarm goes off until the moment I fall into bed at night, I feel like I'm running at 200 miles per hour.  I can sincerely say…

"Are They All Twins" and Other Things You Shouldn't Say to Multiples Moms

Have you ever met a mother of multiples in a public setting like a grocery store, restaurant, or crowded mall? If you're not a parent of multiples and you don't personally know someone with multiples, chances are you might have inadvertently said something that overstepped your boundaries. As a mother to quadruplets, one of the biggest adjustments and source of greatest frustration has been going in public with my children. While in my heart I know that no one intends to offend me or my children, sometimes the novelty of meeting multiples families is overwhelming and causes individuals to forget that some of their statements/questions could be offensive. 

As you can likely imagine, even though I have multiples, I still have some of the same needs that families with one child or even no children have. There's a good chance you will run into us in places like the grocery store or the doctor's office. For obvious reasons, leaving the house can also be a stressful experienc…