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Where've we been?

I haven't posted an update in a really, really long time. If you are asking yourself, "why'd she change the name of the blog", the simple answer is this: I need eight arms! As most people can probably guess, being a single Mom to four-year-old quadruplets is a full-time job in itself.  Not to mention, somebody around here has to work to try to keep up with the bills. I spend most nights trying to make sure everyone is fed, bathed, has clean clothes to wear and that everyone feels loved, and then once their asleep, I catch up on housework, have a little bit of downtime to myself if I'm lucky, and then there's nights when the kids are actually involved in stuff. Truthfully, an old friend of ours messaged me over the weekend and said she'd been looking for my blog but it was gone. I kindly told her that I'd just renamed it and that ultimately, this whole single motherhood thing was kicking my butt and my time management skills needed some serious honing…