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No Rest for the Weary...

You know that old, worn out, advice that people give with good intentions to pregnant women: "sleep when the baby sleeps"?  I never got that advice. I think most people realized that once I had quadruplets (it actually happened around 18 weeks into the pregnancy), I would never sleep again. I feel like I might be the most permanently exhausted person on the planet. I cannot remember the last time I felt rested. Even when I've forced myself and tried to get my eight hours of sleep, I am still exhausted. Caffeine is what fuels me.
When the babies came home from the NICU, they were on a three hour feeding schedule. The only problem was, it took 1.5 hours to feed all of them. Then I'd still have 30 minutes worth of clean up and preparations for the next feeding to do which meant I got my sleep in about one hour increments. 
There was a sweet spot at around 11 months of age, that they'd sleep through the entire night. That lasted for about 9 months but I was foolish and…

A bump (and a bite) in the road...

Yesterday I wrote about my move and all the work I have to get done in it. This morning, I made a trip to the local ER for two reasons. During my move, I felt something pop in my foot while we were loading the truck. I nonchalantly put a bit of ice on it and then went on for four more days trying to get moved without getting proper medical care. My foot was getting worse and worse. Then, yesterday, one of my daughters decided that our cat needed to go outside to "play with dogs". In spite of both my and my sister's advice that this wasn't a very good idea, she went with her four years of life experience that this was a great idea. A few minutes later, I went outside because I knew my assistance would be needed in some form. Sure enough, she had the cat up in the air above her and the big dogs were trying to chase it. Fortunately, she let the cat go so she didn't get mauled, but as one can expect, the dogs tried to eat the kitten. Knowing an injured or dead cat w…

Master of Moves? Not Quite!

Surprise! I moved. Again! Moving is proven to be one of the most stressful life experiences people go through.  If this research is accurate, I am one stressed out person! I'm not sure if I can count the number of times I've moved in the last ten years. And I just moved again - across state lines for the second time in two years.

Thank goodness that I have some really incredible friends and family members who helped me! I'm so lucky to have friends who are willing to travel 600 miles one way to work their butts off and help me pack up all of the junk I've collected over the past five years.  Let me tell you, when you're raising quadruplets, you accumulate a lot of junk. Not only does it take a lot of stuff to raise them, your time is also limited so without a lot of help, you can't go through your stuff and downsize like you ordinarily would. I am beyond grateful for my friends!

Once we got everything loaded and clean, we were in for a full day of driving. Aft…

Lessons Learned

Life as a single quad mom can be summed up in two words: exhausting and lonely.  I often feel like no matter how much heart and how much effort I put into the task before me, I'm climbing a mountain that few people can say they've attempted. And while I'm never ever alone, I always have my four blessings with me, not having someone who can completely understand the struggles you face can make one extremely lonely.

Today, a friend of mine who knew me when I was just a kid, posted a quote to my Facebook wall.

"You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You're not stuck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can learn something new. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide today and never look back".  I'm not looking back.  My long-time blog followers know that I've been through a lot in the past five years. From finding out I was having quadruplets, to having quadruplets,…

Halloween 2018 - The Zoo Goes Trick-or-Treating

One of my most favorite things about having quadruplets is the endless amount of group costume ideas. In the past, we've done the Four Seasons, The Four Aces, Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Daisy. And this year, we went as (drumroll please) the Zoo!

For months we went back and forth with different costume ideas.  In the past, I only dressed the kids up but as they get older, more and more they want me to dress up with them. As a single mom juggling a lot of priorities, working, keeping up a house and trying to raise four small children completely by myself, I decided that for the first time, I would not be able to make their costumes and maintain my sanity at the same time. So we started looking online for costumes on sale.  When we started finding lots of animal costumes and they started getting excited choosing their favorite animals, we decided that we'd go as the Zoo and Mommy would appropriately go as the zookeeper!

We had so much fun dressing up in our costumes. Fortunatel…

All Fish Go to Heaven or ...

One of my boys absolutely loves fish. All fish. Sharks included. Seriously, we are obsessed with sharks but basically, we love anything that lives in the water. This explains why we recently became the proud owners of a one-gallon aquarium and two live guppies named Felipe and Taco. Felipe and Taco were great fish. The five of us humans spent hours watching them in the entire month we had them.  We'd feed them at night before bed and aside from an unfortunate incident where the child who calls them his pets thought they were extra hungry and dumped an entire bottle of food in the tank, we seemed coexist well with fish.

Sadly, upon arriving home today, my Fish Child ran to his room to check on his pets.  As I was pulling out leftovers to heat up for dinner, Fish Child ran into the kitchen to report that one of his guppies had gone missing.  I finished the task at hand and promptly went to investigate the case of the missing guppy. Unfortunately, much to Fish Child's disdain, Fe…

Parenting: We all want to get it right, but are we?

Every time you hear the phrase "single mom", an image, a stereotype,  pops into your head. Likely, that image involves a woman with more kids than society deems appropriate, working three jobs and still struggling to make ends meet.  She's forever stressed, her house is a mess, her kids eat cereal for most meals, and she's one spilled glass of milk away from a complete breakdown.  When I set out to become a Mom, this stereotype surely wasn't what I pictured for my life or my childrens' lives.  Yet, here I am. Now, when I reflect upon my own life, that stereotype picture is now my reality.  
With each spill or mess I have to clean up, I'm constantly wondering if this is the one that's going to finally push me over the edge. Most days, I fall into bed completely exhausted and replay the day over in my head.  From the moment my alarm goes off until the moment I fall into bed at night, I feel like I'm running at 200 miles per hour.  I can sincerely say…

"Are They All Twins" and Other Things You Shouldn't Say to Multiples Moms

Have you ever met a mother of multiples in a public setting like a grocery store, restaurant, or crowded mall? If you're not a parent of multiples and you don't personally know someone with multiples, chances are you might have inadvertently said something that overstepped your boundaries. As a mother to quadruplets, one of the biggest adjustments and source of greatest frustration has been going in public with my children. While in my heart I know that no one intends to offend me or my children, sometimes the novelty of meeting multiples families is overwhelming and causes individuals to forget that some of their statements/questions could be offensive. 

As you can likely imagine, even though I have multiples, I still have some of the same needs that families with one child or even no children have. There's a good chance you will run into us in places like the grocery store or the doctor's office. For obvious reasons, leaving the house can also be a stressful experienc…

Where've we been?

I haven't posted an update in a really, really long time. If you are asking yourself, "why'd she change the name of the blog", the simple answer is this: I need eight arms! As most people can probably guess, being a single Mom to four-year-old quadruplets is a full-time job in itself.  Not to mention, somebody around here has to work to try to keep up with the bills. I spend most nights trying to make sure everyone is fed, bathed, has clean clothes to wear and that everyone feels loved, and then once their asleep, I catch up on housework, have a little bit of downtime to myself if I'm lucky, and then there's nights when the kids are actually involved in stuff. Truthfully, an old friend of ours messaged me over the weekend and said she'd been looking for my blog but it was gone. I kindly told her that I'd just renamed it and that ultimately, this whole single motherhood thing was kicking my butt and my time management skills needed some serious honing…

Lotsobaby Lane is becoming I Need Eight Arms!

New state. New city. New home. New job. New school. New life.

It's hard to believe but we left Texas almost six months ago. Coincidentally, it's been that long since I've blogged as well. 

With everything else new, it's time for Lotsobaby Lane change too. I've secured the website:  Look for exciting updates coming soon!