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My "New" Gig as a Shipt Shopper

I wanted to write a post to share all about my new job as a Shipt Shopper. I say "new", but really, I started "Shipting" in February of this year. Very, very part time. You guys know that "time" is not an area of abundance in my life, but I also have a need to contribute to my family financially. Becoming a mother of quadruplets has certainly well-versed me on all things grocery. Feeding a family of six and toting around four infants, toddlers, and now pre-schoolers through the grocery store has kind of made me a professional in all things shopping, so when I heard there was a company in Corpus Christi that would pay me to shop for others, I said "where do I sign up"? 

The interview process was simple. I submitted an application online. The next day, I had an email invitation for an online interview. After that, I had to pass a background check, submit my car insurance information, take a couple online classes and pass a few tests. Within a week…