Part 3 - Taking It All In

We received news that we were pregnant and then the news that we were pregnant with quadruplets within about a week's time. We went from feeling like we were finally going to be a normal family to not really knowing what to do next in a matter of a 30 minute appointment. Life was about to change dramatically for us and we didn't really know the full scope of how nor did we how to prepare.  So, we went on living and tried our best to guess what the future held for us.

Telling people in our lives was not an easy thing to do. I avoided my own Mom's phone calls for the afternoon because I wasn't sure how to tell her I was carrying four babies. The first person I called, was a very dear friend from church who'd been praying for us to conceive. She advised me that God has entrusted four little babies to us and I should feel confident in sharing this news with everyone that loved me. Quickly, we began asking for prayers that our pregnancy would have a successful outcome.

The first thing we knew we had to do was identify a specialist, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist or MFM, if you will. This is a doctor who helps take care of women having complicated or high-risk pregnancies. We chose the leader in our area, Texas Children's Hospital. Once that was identified, it took about one phone call to let them know I had just found out I was pregnant with quadruplets and they had me all set up for my first appointment. They seriously took care of everything: ultrasounds, nutritionists, specialists. When it came to prenatal care, I feel like I was very well taken care of. 

And then we had to start making not so easy decisions. Where would we live with quadruplets? What would life with quadruplets really be like? Would we need help? Who would help us? How would we afford quadruplets? What would they do while we worked? What all would we need to care for them? Our life was seriously changing into something unrecognizable and something we never expected in a matter of just a few months. 

We knew we were in a time-crunch to make as many big decisions and make as many large life decisions as we could before I ended up on bedrest, which for many quad moms happens as early as 12 weeks gestation. 

We continued with daily life, while we tried our best to formulate a plan. Life became consumed with doctor visits. We had lots of check-ups to ensure that everyone okay and no risks were taken. It didn't take very long for the reality and the seriousness of what was happening to sink in. I was tired. Growing four babies at once was physically exhausting. It took everything I had to crawl out of bed and get dressed for work in the morning and by lunch, I craved nothing more than a nap. By the time it was time to go home in the afternoon, my eyes wouldn't stay open. Adam was sweet enough to drive me to and from work, so I'd normally sleep on the way home as we sat in traffic. In the meantime, through the exhaustion, we did our best to talk through what life was going to look like.  

When the house we were renting started having some major mold and water well issues, we decided that it would be in our family's best interest to move. We chose to move close to my family because it was still within driving distance to the hospital where we'd deliver and it was also still possible for us to continue working at our current jobs, even though it would mean a longer commute. It also meant that we'd be close to my parents, who would help us with the babies when they arrived and I had extended family and lots of friends in the area who we felt we could count on to help. Our plan was to live in my Uncle and Aunt's farmhouse until we could build a barndominium on the family farm to accommodate our family. Once the babies arrived, my Mom volunteered to watch the babies so that I could continue working. We put our plan in motion, made arrangements with our jobs, and I started packing 10 weeks pregnant with quadruplets. It was exhausted, but the two of us (or should I say six of us) managed to pack up our home and put most of our stuff in storage on our own. 

The first of many decisions had been made and we felt like we were on the path to becoming a quad family. We were excited. Friends were excited. Our church was excited. Everyone we met was excited for us when we shared our news. We felt like life was falling into place and we knew God had a very special plan for us. People started pouring in to love on us and support us and we were blown away by what God had done. 

At this point, we felt safe. We felt like we were going to be okay. And then, things slowly began to crumble.

To Be Continued in Part 4...


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