Valentine's Day 2017 - Be Still (No seriously, be still!)

Whew! I tell ya, I am exhausted! Trying to make Valentine's Day special for the four little hearts closest to mine can sure be a lot of work. Although, if I'm honest, it wasn't that much more work than a normal day. Where do they possibly get all of this energy?

I woke up at a quarter of six this morning to two little monkeys snuggled up as close as they could on either side of me. Soon after, the other two monkeys joined us in bed. Once they were all in there, I know it's time to give up. They're not going back to sleep and five people, no matter if four of them are pint-sized, do not fit in a king-sized bed. Soon after, my phone sent off a severe weather alert which prompted me to look outside and see the ominous dark skies. I knew this meant that our Valentine's date for donuts would have to be postponed and breaking the news to four pint-sized dictators would not be an easy task. Fortunately for me, they still didn't really know about Valentine's Day! We spent a few minutes watching the rain and then I told them I had presents for them. I presented each of them with a gift: a small box of chocolate and a toy truck for the boys and a watch for the girls. They were in heaven. 

Then, since donuts were not in store for us, I set about making breakfast. One of their favorite breakfasts, and by favorites I mean the four of them can devour close to an entire pan, is a pretty simple recipe. I use the refrigerated Pillsbury Crescent Dough (don't buy the generic, it doesn't taste as good nor does it cover the pan as well). I bake one later on the bottom of an 8X11 pan for about 5-7 minutes. While it's baking, I brown a roll of bulk sausage. Once it's done, I add to it a package of cream cheese. I pour all of that goodness on top of the first layer of crescent rolls and spread it out evenly. Then, I take another can of crescent rolls and put that over the top. Pop it in the oven for about 10-12 minutes and voila! Instant breakfast. This morning was no different. I caught Daniel taking the last piece out of the pan about an hour after we finished!

Eventually, the rain did clear. I loaded everyone up just in time for lunch. We headed to a favorite of ours, McAlister's Deli, where, I learned that kids ate free for Valentine's Day today so it was basically like hitting the lottery for me! The kiddos had their favorite: macaroni and cheese with fruit and I had my favorite, the Savannah Chopped Salad and sweet tea! Mmm! Delicious! 

After our yummy lunch, we had just a couple errands to run. Fortunately, most were the drive around town kind so they got a tiny nap in while I got a few moments of quiet. Then we headed to a park down the street to burn off some energy! A couple hours later, and one bump on the head, they were finished playing and I was ready to put them to bed! We came home, had a simple dinner and then took baths and boy were they needed! Together, the five of us sat on the couch and watched an episode of our favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, before readying a book, saying our prayers, and snuggling into our beds! 

All in all, I'd say today was a good Valentine's Day! We didn't go over the top, didn't spend a ton of money, but we had fun and we shared love. After all, isn't love what it's all about? 

Hope you had a great day too! 


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