Happy Third Birthday, Not So Babies Anymore!

Before I continue my story, I just couldn't go on any further without writing a post to acknowledge a huge milestone, one that admittedly, often in this journey I wondered if we'd see. My babies are three years old!! Those teeny, tiny preemie infants are now, fully-thriving, interactive, off-the-walls, question-asking three-year-olds! I am beyond proud of how far we've come on this journey and I am incredibly thankful to God and all of the people who've prayed for us on this journey.

To Daniel, Evelyn, Waylon and Ellie:

On your actual birthday this year, we woke up, got dressed, and Mommy took you to Shipley Donuts for our first donut outing together. You guys were awesome and it tickled my heart watching the four of you run up to that counter and tell the lady "we need donuts". After donuts, we trekked over to Oso Bay Wetlands and played on the playground and went for a walk on some of the nature trails with some friends that we met up with. For dinner, we had chicken, green beans, and macaroni and cheese but you were more interested in the cupcakes we picked up at H-E-B. The Saturday after your birthday, we had a party for you. It ended up being rainy and cold, so we moved it from being outside at our house to the church. (Now, you guys randomly ask to go have a party at church.) You had so many people who love you show up! Mommy was there, Pa, Grammy, Auntie Jennifer, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Laurie, Cousin Aubrey, Abby and Pastor, and some of the bestest friends your Mommy could ever ask for! You each had your own cake, themed tractors and tiaras, and you guessed it, Mommy made everybody sing "Happy Birthday" four times because I feel like you each deserve your own cake and song! 

Turning three is huge! Currently, we're fighting for more independence, which is a good thing, but it's also very stressful on a mommy!

Daniel: My first-born (by sheer determination), you are turning into such a sweet, sweet little boy. You have the softest, sweetest voice and I love to hear you tell me "I love you soooo much, Mommy". You are amazing. You are still fascinated by cars and by this point, I'm fairly certain you always will be. When everyone else is fighting or finding mischief, more often than not, I can find you in the living room playing cars or with your car track toy moved into your bed so you can easily drive through the car wash. You told me the other day that we needed to buy gas. I asked you who would pump it for me and you're response was "I will, Mama". Little boy, you are a dream. I am so thankful for you and your loving heart. I pray you never lose it. 

Evelyn: My sweet, sassy, ring-leader. You held everyone in before you guys were born and you continue to hold everyone accountable. You fight me for your independence regularly and I pray that is a sign that you will always be true to yourself, and that you will one day lead others. You are so smart and you're really amazing at solving problems. You still love your bunnies and you're now a HUGE fan of Frozen. You would sit and watch Frozen a dozen times in one day if I would let you. You also love to be held and tickled. You love to play Giddy-Up with your Abby along with Ring Around the Rosy. Water fascinates you and there's a lot of days that you and I fight because I find you playing in the bathroom sink using up all of the hand-soap. I pray for you to remain true and strong above all else. You are strength, Evelyn. You come from a long-line of strong women. Please don't forget that. 

Waylon: You are my rough and tumble boy but you are amazing and you are love. Your love language is touch. You come up to me throughout the day and randomly ask me for hugs and kisses and I love that about you. You love to be outside and fishing seems to be your passion. You also love to play in the dirt with your tractors and I am amazed as I watch you learn and grow. We read tractor books together and you love to sit on the couch with Mommy while everyone else takes a nap and watch Monster Machines until you fall asleep. You still struggle at nap time to be still so I'm okay with holding you for those few quiet moments we have together to help you relax. You love with your whole heart, Waylon and I love that about you. You feel so much empathy for other people and for such a little boy, I am amazed by your compassion. I pray that you never lose that about you and you always put others first. 

And Ellie, I hate that you always end up being last, but you know, your sweetness is compared to none. You are an absolutely delightful little girl. Your pretty red hair, although we fight because your scalp is sensitive and your bright blue eyes combined with your sweet smile, light up a room instantly but your heart, Ellie, your heart is what is so full. You love people and have a strong desire to make those around you smile. You have a helper spirit. As you get older, you will read stories about looking for the helpers in bad situations. Ellie, in my heart, I know you are going to be one of those helpers. You are going to go on and do amazing things for other people in this world. You love to read books, but you also love to play outside with your brothers. Like Evelyn, you are huge Frozen fan. You and your sister often fight over ballet outfits and dress-up costumes but you also share which is so special for me to watch as your mother. Hopefully soon, I will be able to find a way to put you both in ballet lessons. 

I love all four of you beyond imagination! Like anyone, we have our good days and our bad days. Life is hectic, life is stressful. Your world and my world is changing significantly and at warp-speed lately and we are all grasping for straws trying to succeed. I promise you all, we will and I pray that I make good decisions for you guys. You're my world here on Earth and together, we will cling tight to God and let Him lead our journey. I hope your third year is blessed beyond measure and I can't wait to see where we are a year from now. 

I love you to the moon and back!



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