Thankfulness 2016

The kitchen is clean, leftovers put away, kids are in bed asleep and my feet are up. Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. And another anniversary too. In addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, my husband and I celebrate four years of marriage on this day. Unfortunately, my sweet, hard-working husband had to leave right after our meal to go work for our family. He works so hard to support us and I'm so thankful for that. 

We had a very low-key, family Thanksgiving this year. Even so, I have to blog about it because for some reason, neither of us can recall our Thanksgiving from last year. (We are thinking Adam must have had to work and maybe we skipped it last year, but you'd think I'd remember spending it alone with kids.) Either way, these Thanksgivings with our kids are fleeting so I want to be able to keep these memories in my mind forever.  

When I was pregnant, Adam and I spent our first Thanksgiving alone. We kind of procrastinated and ended up buying a turkey the night before. Knowing we didn't have time to thaw one, we bought a "fresh-brined turkey". Then we Googled our way through frying that baby up. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Since, we've been on the quest to recreate that turkey but haven't been able to find a grocer that carried fresh brined turkeys. So this year, we bought a frozen one and defrosted it and then brined that baby ourselves. It turned out wonderfully. While Adam fried the turkey, I whipped up some sides and pies. We spent at least four hours in the kitchen, set up our spread only to gobble it up in less than about 10 minutes. 

Even though our meal was quickly devoured, we still reflected on all we have to be thankful for this year. 2016 hasn't exactly been an easy year. We've still faced our share of challenges and struggles. Yet, through it all, we have each other and are surrounded by family and friends who love us and that is a blessing. We are blessed that God always seems to provide for us in our time of need and somehow, just at the perfect time, the exact help we need always seems to appear at the exact right time. 

As we start into this years' holiday season, we are filled with love, hope  and thankfulness. We are excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday and share the true meaning of Christmas with our children.

Modeling their t-shirts made by Mommy


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