Happy Halloween 2016 - The Year of the Cards

Confession:sometimes, I draft blog posts from my phone. I'm sure many can relate. Sometimes, it's just easier since my phone is already in my hand, my pictures are there and can easily be uploaded and I don't have to go drag out my laptop. My kids already know my phone is off limits to them (except at doctor's visits and other long waits when they're allowed to watch YouTube videos) but my computer comes out so rarely around them, all they want to do is watch videos.

Well, bad news! The Blogger app has not been updated. After several days of trying to make a Halloween blog post, I gave in and woke up extra early to bang this out before the monsters awake.

We are so fortunate to live in a community that places value on children and goes above and beyond to offer fun activities for them. This was really our first year being able to be out and about around Halloween and boy did we take advantage of it. I think in total we hit five different events on four different night. Let's just say I didn't feel bad about putting the kids to bed early yesterday!

This year, we were the four aces! I borrowed the idea from a quad mom in the East. The costumes were super simple: a white pillowcase, arm and head holes cut. I cute out the card shapes and the a's using my Silhouette Cameo and pressed them onto the fabric with my heat press. (Soon after having quads, I learned that buying holiday shirts was expensive and there had to be a better way! For all of my holidays last year, I asked for these two items and that's all I got for the year but the savings have sure paid off!) On another note, any quad mamas out there reading this, these are up for grabs for next year if you'd like them! They're homemade, but they do the job and they'll be free! 

Halloween with the Hooks

The kids absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating. All through the month of October, I spent time reading books about fall, and talking to them about trick-or-treating. We watched the Great Pumpkin when it came on TV and I was able to get them super excited about "getting candy". Our first event was a trunk-or-treat at a local church and they had a blast. It took only a couple tries of learning they could walk up to people and say "trick-or-treat" and get candy for them to run ahead of us. The following night we took them to "Halloween with the Hooks", an event our local minor league baseball team puts on. They entered the costume contest and even though they didn't win, they had a blast. The next night, we went to a fall program put on by a ministry we're a part of for learning games and pizza and then stopped by another local Trunk or Treat function. After that, as parents, we'd had enough trick or treat fun and took a few days off until the actually day of Halloween when we took them trick or treating in our area. They had a blast! But as we went on, those buckets got heavy, they started dragging, and were ready to go home! We let them have a few pieces of candy each before bath and bedtime and then the tax man came to go through their candy, check it, and put it away. They were so sad the next morning when their buckets were empty and said "Daddy took my candy". We explained that it was time to put the buckets away until next year and that their candy was in a safe place and we'd give it to them when they needed it. Of course, they "needed" it a lot yesterday! :)

Our 1st REAL trick or treating at someone's door!

We have many pictures like this! When you've gotta check your loot, you stop anywhere!
Did you celebrate Halloween this year? If so, what was your costume? And what's your favorite candy?


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