Summer Beachin' It - Quad Style

I keep receiving emails proclaiming "summer's best beach reads". I don't know about you, but I don't see myself being able to sit on the beach and read a book for a very, very long time. Don't get me wrong. We LOVE the beach. At least once a week during the summer months, we are there. Sometimes we spend a Sunday afternoon there, other times, we take a quick jaunt over to the beach after dinner and let the kids frolic in the sand and splash their feet in the water before we take baths and crawl in bed. Our floors seem like they're always covered in sand this time of year but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

We're beach people. Adam and I have always loved the water. We chose our city because we fell in love with the beach here. We definitely have dreams of raising beach babies so this year, our plan is to make frequent visits and have tons of fun on the beach with the kiddos.

Our beach with a summer storm brewing! It passed quickly but was really awesome to watch!

That said, taking four two-year-olds to the beach is no "day at the beach" (forgive the pun). Like most outings these days, trips to the beach require careful planning and scheduling. They have to be timed perfectly to avoid nap and meal times (or else beach friendly meals must be packed). We have to pack enough towels for a small army, beach towels, life jackets, toys, chairs, snacks, sippy cups, drinks, swimsuits, sunglasses, hats, sunblock... Do you get where I'm going with this? We pack a ton of junk, unload it at the beach, load it back up, only to unload and have to wash it all and put it all away again a few hours later. All in all, while a day at the beach is fun, it's also a LOT of work for us. Not to mention, the time actually spent at the beach requires us to be 100% alert at all times. Water is dangerous, we don't always trust people around us, and Texas beaches allow vehicle traffic so we are constantly on guard and operating at 400%. I promise, it's beyond exhausting but it's so worth it to give our kids fun childhood memories. 

Still, summer is supposed to be easy! We relax a little with bedtimes and nap times and focus more on making memories, doing fun stuff, and spending time outdoors. So we are constantly on the lookout for high-quality, yet affordable products to make our lives easier, save time, and simplify life with quads. We recently learned of a wonderful product called NoZone Sun Protection Clothing. Where has this been all my life? The best way to explain it is to think about a swimsuit with the sunblock already built in. 

Any idea how hard it is to capture four toddlers in one shot at the beach? 

NoZone has actually been around for  much longer than I thought. Founded in 1996, NoZone products are all made of high-quality materials and independently certified SPF 50 or greater, even when wet.That's right, let me rephrase. I put my kids in a swimsuit made of high-quality fabric and it protects them from overexposure to the sun without me having to spend time applying sunblock that I have to worry about missing spots on slippery, wiggly toddlers (times four) AND reapplying with water exposure. My exact words when asked to try them and give a review "sign me up"! 

Brotherly beach play! You can't beat it!

Our boys were fitted in the Fiji suits while the girls were fitted in the Kailua Sun Protective Hooded suits. (We opted not to try the hoods on the boys because they're generally more curious and exploring more than the girls and I worried about the hoods getting hung with them). The kids were immediately excited to put on their new suits. So excited in fact, that we showed them off while we lunched at Peter Piper Pizza. (You can only imagine the looks we got...four swimsuit wearing toddlers all the same age marching into the pizza buffet and devouring their favorite pizza.)  Almost immediately, I learned just exactly how much has gone into this design. Both designs of the suit feature a zippered bottom allowing easy access for diaper changes and/or trips to the potty. 

Sneaking up on the sea gulls!

Soon, it was time to test out the suits at the beach. Previously, and even still on occasion, we wore traditional swimsuits and swim trunks, often with a rash guard top. Both options required liberal application of sunscreen and neither option was diaper change friendly, especially when wet. The NoZone suit comes in attractive bright colors and prints, and my favorite part is that the colors are bright and easy for me to keep an eye (and count) on all four kiddos at once as I constantly stand guard on the beach. I also like the fact that the bright neon colors also make my children noticeable to drivers on the beach just in case someone should dart in the direction of traffic. Once they were zipped in the suits, we did apply sunblock to faces, the little bit of arms/hand and legs/feet that remained exposed. The girls were happy to wear their hoods which made me particularly happy when it came to my little fair-skinned redhead. At the end of the day, the real proof came at bath time. We stripped everyone down and bathed everyone. I am happy to report, not a single sunburn, not even tan lines. These suits really work and they seriously cut down on the stress of making sure everyone is protected from the sun.  They're attractive, cute, and completely functional! Not to mention, after a full afternoon of swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand, snacking, and all that being a toddler entails (times four), they washed up nicely in the washing machine and were ready to wear again! Also, because they're "all natural" with no chemicals built in to provide added sun protection, I didn't have to worry about them losing their SPF factor. I like easy!

Free to run and splash! This is the life!

Summer is all about taking it easy and these suits definitely make our life easier! Since we frequent the beach these days, I plan on buying another set! If you'd like to learn more about NoZone, in the United States, visit their website at They do have a separate website for Canadians which you can easily reach by Googling. In the meantime, what's your favorite time-saving summer tip?

**Disclosure** I received four Infant Sun Protective Suits from NoZone in exchange for writing a review on the blog.   


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