Corpus Christi Water Boil (And T-Shirt Order Form)

Hi Corpus Christi! Like so many of you, our family has been affected by our city's third water boil in less than a year's time. It's frustrating as a parent not to be able to provide your children with easy access to clean water to drink, cook with and bathe in. Many of you may be visiting my blog for the first time. We are the Archibeques and we have quadruplets. As if life isn't crazy/busy enough chasing after four two-year-olds, it's been aggravating to us not knowing whether our children will/have caught any illnesses that could have been prevented had action been taken sooner and I know that I'm not alone. We ALL NEED CLEAN WATER!  Citizens of Corpus Christi of every age, gender, race, and make-up are affected.

Me talking with the local news about my shirts.
 As a mom, I consider it my duty and honor to raise happy, healthy children so that they will become happy, healthy and productive citizens when I'm done (as if a mother's work is ever done). I feel that everyone in the world is entitled to basic things such as clean, fresh water and in Corpus, we are counting on our city to provide just that for us. It is an outrage that we are now on day SEVEN of having to boil (or buy) drinking water and that when I put my babies in the bathtub at night, I grimace worrying about whether or not they may catch something by drinking bath water or through an open wound. The fact is, we just don't know what's in our water and that is unacceptable. 

It started as a way for me to express myself with a simple t-shirt proclaiming "I survived the Annual Corpus Christi Water Boil 2016". Initially, I posted it on my personal Facebook page with the caption "too soon??" and within hours, I had friends and family encouraging me to make more and take them public. At first, I was hesitant that people may not take it seriously. After all, it did start as a bit of sarcasm; but within minutes after I posted that I was taking orders on a local Facebook Trash to Treasure site, I started receiving orders. Now that people are ordering, I think it would be really cool to see people all over the city wearing shirts I created as a way to bring awareness that we will NOT tolerate the lack of clean water in our city and that we demand that the City of Corpus Christi correct all issues and restore our city's most valuable resource immediately.

Shirts are printed on a high-quality cotton t-shirt for comfort.
If you'd like to order more than two shirts or are looking for children's sizes, please fill out your request in the comments section and I will contact you.

UPDATE - I am just a mom, with a blog, who makes t-shirts for my family and friends, and a heart to see my children and other children grow up healthy and happy. I never expected the news to reach out to me over a silly shirt I posted on Facebook. Since yesterday's broadcast, I've received a substantial number of responses, more than I ever expected. As a result, my family has decided that a portion of all proceeds from any shirts sold will go towards a donation to "I Am Waters", a Texas organization which aims to provide clean drinking water to the homeless. 

To order a shirt, please submit your information here. You will be contacted as soon as the minimum batch order of 20 is reached. 


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