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Quad Potty Training: Take One (And Other Significant Milestones)

This morning in HEB (our grocery store), the cashier asked a question I hear often: "what went through your mind when you found out you were having quadruplets"?  The irony in this particular instance of this question was not lost. As I piled up pull-on diapers, big kid wipes, and a book about potties onto the conveyor belt, I gave her my best smile and politely answered "I was just shocked". 

The truth is, while initially so many things went through my mind, my biggest fear has always been potty training. As I connected with many moms of multiples on social media and pictures of four potty training chairs, little training pants, and other potty training equipment filled my Facebook newsfeed, I grew more and more paralyzed with fear that this would really be happening for us soon. When the kids were just a year and a half old and a cashier in Walmart informed me it was time to start thinking about potty training, I did what any mom with a $250 a month diaper bill wo…