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Product Review: Temp Traq Wearable Thermometer

The days have been stressful lately. Very stressful. And not just the "I have four two-year-olds" kind of stressful. We are talking it seems like every week there's a new "fire" for me to put out. When I say it feels like I'm operating at 110 miles per hour all day and all night, I'm not kidding.

Lately, we've had an unusual bout with illnesses in our home. In January, all four "babies" caught RSV. I blogged about that in my birthday post but what I haven't talked about yet (basically because I'm drowning over here y'all) is that in February, we got hit again. This time, it was a common cold (rhinovirus) but all in all, it was a doozy of one. So much that it ended up putting our Baby C in the hospital! (I'll blog about that later when I feel that I'm recovered from the trauma of all that went along with that.)

Today, I want to introduce you to my cool new friend. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meetTempTraq–  the wo…