We are TWO! (And boy was that a ride!)

I've been off the blogging bandwagon for a bit.  Our game has changed. Significantly. My sleepy little babies are long, LONG gone. Toddlers are hard. By hard, what I mean is I am doing the most back-breaking, emotionally exhausting, mentally challenging work I've ever done in my life. Fortunately, it is also the most rewarding work I've ever done. 

We brought in the quads second birthday with a bang. Well, not really. We celebrated with all four of them being diagnosed with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). RSV is a virus feared highly by parents with preemies. In adults and normal children, it's usually nothing more than a common cold. For those of us with preemies, it's a little more scary. For someone with four preemies, when I say it's bad, it's "I wouldn't wish this on a soul bad". Fortunately, we did not end up having anyone admitted to the hospital although we came close with an ER visit where there were some questionable O2 saturations. We ended up having four kiddos on breathing treatments every 3-4 hours around the clock, had three trips to the pediatrician and one ER trip, and Daddy had to leave work early to come help me because it was absolutely exhausting. Even still, weeks later, I feel like I'm not fully recovered from that experience because I feel like I could sleep for a few days straight and coffee isn't getting me through it!  We were all able to survive the virus though Adam and I still have a lingering cough as a result of it though. Obviously, the plans we had for a large birthday party with all of our family and close friends were cancelled.

Still, as their birthday approached, they were on the mend and we managed to celebrate their special day with some fun. The day before their birthday we FINALLY did their dedication at church. In between being born premature at 28 weeks in January, spending 52 days in NICU, my mom being diagnosed with cancer weeks after we came home from NICU, Adam taking a job out of town in the oilfield, moving, adjusting to life with quads, a year spent on lockdown to PREVENT RSV, an oilfield crash resulting in job loss and a year of struggles, we finally were able to do it and I was so grateful to our amazing Pastor and his beautiful wife for all of their help not only with the dedication, but with life in general over the past year.

After the dedication, we had one set of grandparents and our adopted grandparents over for lunch and cake which fun for the kiddos to have everyone over. 

On their actual birthday, we celebrated by going for a fun walk in the quad stroller to a nearby playground, their favorite meal, pizza, and more cake (or kee-ka as they would say). 

Since my blog serves somewhat as an official baby-book, documenting special moments in their lives, a two year old post would not be complete without updates on where everyone is. In keeping with my usual age updates, and in a small effort to protect each baby's privacy yet still let those whom are closest with us know who is who, I've listed them as in the hospital, by A, B, C and, D. 

Baby A, 2 years old

Baby A - Oh my how you have blossomed sweet baby boy! Baby A has become such a little man. His most favorite thing in the world are his Hot Wheels. He loves cars so much. When we are out driving, if a car passes us, or revs it's engine, he's always sure to give a good "rmmm, rrmmmm, rrrmmmm". Baby A has always been the one to keep to himself. He's always quite happy to play alone with his cars but lately, has become somewhat of a ring-leader helping the others learn how to get into trouble they had not thought of on their own. His second favorite thing in life is food. Baby boy can eat! After going through RSV, we made one of the quads favorite meals: spaghetti. This little boy at three bowls full! Adam and I were both astonished at where such a little boy could put it all! At two years old, Baby A weighs 27 pounds and is 33 inches. 

Baby B, 2 years old

Baby B - My sweet, sassy princess! Baby B has always been the leader of the pack. She still tries to run the show and keeps everyone in check. She marches to her own beat. At two, she's definitely into fashion and enjoys picking out her clothes both for daytime wear and for nighttime. She absolutely loves the soft, Carter's fleece, footed pajamas and if given a chance, will almost always choose to wear those. Even on 80 degree days. For day wear, one of her go to fashions is pants and a shirt, with the same footed pajamas draped around her neck as a cape. Other fashion statements include wearing shorts on her head as a hat, accessorizing with necklaces, and often, dressing in layers. By layers, I really mean, wearing three pairs of pants and four shirts because she can't decide which one to wear. Her favorite foods are string cheese but recently she's grown to love eating steak off her Daddy's plate. At two years old, Baby B weighs 26 pounds 1 ounce and is 32 6/8" tall.

Baby C, 2 years old

Baby C - My strong, handsome, in to everything man! Baby C is my most active child. He loves to see what he can get into, climb, adventure and probably most of all, follow what Daddy does. He loves to watch anyone work on a car, appliance, or fix anything around the house. When we recently had to get a new cook-top range delivered to the house, Baby C was happy to stand quietly just out of the way and watch everything the installer did to hook up the new stove. Baby C is completely in love of his dad and watches everything Adam does. He loves phones and has even been able to place calls to Adam successfully on his own. He also loves tools, outside, and fishing. He was quite upset on a recent HEB visit when I past the fishing section and didn't turn so he could go look (he totally gets that from his dad). His favorite foods are most meats, but definitely pizza (Bacon, Bacon, Bacon with no onions from Papa Murphy's). At two Baby C is still the heaviest at 28 pounds and is 32 6/8" long. 

Baby D (with B), 2 years old

Baby D - My tiny, fierce, yet super kind and caring angel. Baby D is possible one of the sweetest souls I've ever met. She is constantly concerned about her siblings and their well-being. She will go to great lengths to serve others. She's always by my side to help me and loves to help sort laundry, load/unload the dishwasher, pick up messes, clean up after her siblings and more. Baby D is always the one I can count on to take items to another room, to go find something that is missing, or just to help out around the house. She loves to be involved. Nightly, her favorite task is helping me to make their bedtime cups and then delivering each cup to her brothers and sisters. It gives her so much joy to be helpful. This girl is bound to become a mommy someday because she loves baby dolls and housework so much! Her other passion in life is shoes. Seriously, this two year old changes shoes 5-6 times a day. Her most favorite pair is a pair of pink, hand-me-down cowboy boots given to her by her Aunt Ashley W but she's quite obsessed with shoes for all of her siblings and for me too!  Her favorite foods are generally fruits and vegetables but she has also gotten her mother's sweet tooth and loves candy. At two years old, Baby D weight 27 pounds 7 ounces and is 32 6/8" tall. 

As we start our third year here on Earth, I look forward to so much growth and learning. The days are often so long in our house but the years, well, they just fly by. I often wish I still had my tiny, squishy, sleepy little babies to snuggle but I'm so beyond words grateful for how well each and every baby is growing and developing. I love that at two, they still like for me to hold them, they give me kisses both when I ask and when they want them. I love that they're growing servants' hearts and living to help others and I pray daily that each of them grow up to know and love God. Sometimes, the days are stressful and I often vent about the struggles, the exhaustion, and all the work, but in my heart, I wouldn't trade any of this for anything in the world. I just wish others could see the sadness and desperation that I endured for years thinking I would never be a mother and to be blessed beyond measure, is no doubt a miracle from God. My quiver is full and my heart is happy! 

Until Next Time,


  1. Oh, MIsty, I love reading about each special child. What a document to the future. What individuals they are becoming, always have been. You enjoy writing, not sure when you have time, but it is important. Thank you so much for sharing. they sound like wonderful people I would love to meet.


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