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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

As I spend my last minutes of 2015 reflecting on the year we had, I saw it only fitting to sit down and draft at least a short blog post. I've been meaning to post a new one for a while now, but December (and even November) have been a blur for us. 
It wasn't all that long ago that on New Year's Eve at about this time, I'd definitely be in an altered state of mind and celebrating amongst friends. I must admit though, relaxing in my pajamas at home with my family and Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve is definitely a more comfortable way to ring in 2016 (although it may be a direct result of having quadruplets and my level of sheer exhaustion that I'd rather put on my pajamas and blog so at 12:01, I can go to sleep). 
I will be the first to say, 2015 has not been kind to us. We have faced challenge after challenge and we spent most of our year surviving on our faith in Christ alone. 2015 has tested us with an oilfield crash, job loss, untruthful employers, financial st…