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20 Month Update And Our First (TWO) Real Illnesses

I'm not as behind as I have been before, but it's time! I'm late, as usual. I spent the last week and a half battling our first real illness - five cases of strep (counting me) and four upper respiratory infections. Still, I wanted to give an update in regard to where we are at now that we're 20 months old (it's so hard to believe they'll be two years old in a few short months)! And then, I spent another week battling six cases of a stomach virus. Blogging, while I've missed it, just wasn't on the priority list. Instead, I decided it was best to focus on keeping my family alive. Now, I'll go back through a blog post that I began drafting almost a month ago to try to make it relevant! 

The past month has been a vocabulary explosion! So many new words are being learned and used properly that my heart is just aflutter. We've also learned how to climb up and sit on the couches like big boys and girls. Boy is it a weird feeling to walk into the living…