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19 Month Update - Learning to Talk!

It seems like it hasn't been that long since I posted our 18 month old update. Oh, that's right. I was super duper late on that one, so I guess I should feel good that I'm only a couple weeks late on the new one. 

Things have been moving along fast and furiously as always. We moved very recently and I've been busy unpacking and getting our new home in order which is no easy feat considering I have four little "helpers" who can destroy a room in 0.001 second flat if left unattended for even a fraction of time. That said, we are finally settling in, boxes are all unpacked and now it's just a matter of slowly accumulating the finishing touches to make our house into a home. The good news is, we've  downsized into something much smaller, there's no stairs, and we LOVE our comfy new home and it's location that basically feels like we live in vacation.

The kiddos are doing wonderfully.  Every day is like a brand new adventure and I enjoy watching all …

18 Month(ish) Update - We're all walking!

I'm very behind (what's new?). It's been a while (again) since I last posted and so much has changed. I've actually drafted several blog posts but by the time I got around to actually publishing them, it was a little late and I felt like I should just go ahead and write a new post. In fact, this original post was actually done a day or so ago and in the time between drafting and proof-reading, we have even more growth and development!

My last published post was about Adam losing his job in the oilfield. I am happy to report that he's since found employment but we haven't been without struggles. Most importantly, we have learned some very hard lessons this year about sacrifices and savings and therefore, we are making huge changes in our lifestyle. I'm sure I'll blog about that more later.

Today's blog is an update on where the babies are at developmentally at 18 months for posterity's sake.

We've had a summer of firsts. 

Baby A - Baby A has been…