The Boys Get Their First Haircut

My sons were born with great hair. One of my boys has these amazing, dirty blonde, curly locks that are just gorgeous. Seriously, sometimes when I'm putting the girls' hair in pig tails, I contemplate putting his up to because it's that cute. But don't tell his Dad that. Or either set of grandparents. They've all be on me to cut the boys' hair for a couple months now. I was really holding off until they were at least over a year gestational age. However, when my poor son couldn't see, I changed my mind and off we went to the place where Daddy gets his hair cut.

See what I mean?

Baby C took his turn first. Overall, he was pretty good but Adam did have to bring out the car keys to distract him near the end. He also loved the hair stylist's bracelet which would have been okay, except that it was on her arm that was holding the scissors. Mommy only cried a few tears on the outside but I definitely wanted to cry more! Especially when Adam kept telling her to take more and more off the top. In the end, however, he was still just as cute and although he doesn't look like a little baby anymore, I can't help but smile every time I walk into his room in the morning and see him smiling and turning flips in his crib for me.

Baby A then bravely took his seat in the "hot spot". He did great! He too played with the car keys. Since his hair wasn't cute as think and long as his brothers, the haircut process didn't take near as long. Baby A has always been our happy boy and he was super excited to be receiving all of the attention during his haircut. Once he was all done, he sure looked dapper! I fall in love with that little boy each time I look at him. 

While the boys were getting their haircuts, the girls entertained everyone else in the hair salon. Baby B especially was a hit, with her "ha" laugh. You'll have to see it to know what it is, but it's adorable and totally funny! 

All in all, operation haircut went pretty well. While I was sad that my babies are getting big, their cuteness more than makes up for it (but I know, I'm partial)


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