Rolly Polly, Busy Babies

I've admitted to being in a bit of a "funk" lately but even so, we've been busy around here. With the babies' one year birthday fast approaching, I've been doing a lot of reflecting but on top of that, those little boogers have become B-U-S-Y! Two of them are standing and pulling up on everything! I caught one of them standing with his head in the toy box yesterday. The other two have begun crawling so I have four, very mobile, very active babies. Finally, I had to break down and turn the room where we had all of their swings and baby equipment into a full-fledged playroom.  

Of course, it didn't stay this clean for long. We now have a gate in the doorway thanks to my aunt and uncle who came down for an early birthday visit!  So hopefully now Mommy can get at least a few things done during the day while they entertain themselves but so far, I've had to be hands on showing them toys and when I'm not, I've usually got one or more at the gate "rattling the bars". It's an ongoing process! 

In other developments, after about a week of practicing, I've now taught everyone to drink from a sippy cup! Yay! We have only been drinking water for the most part but I did go ahead and let them try regular milk once. So soon, most bottles will hopefully be going away! We are also in the process of transitioning from baby food, into finger foods. Talk about a mess! Thank goodness for the dogs is all I can say! When I feed them, I do all four at once. They sit like little birds, and I bring the spoon around to each of them. It's worked well for a couple months.  They've now learned, however, that they can take the spoon away from mommy when she comes by to feed my birds and this creates a HUGE mess. Not to mention, we go through about 20 spoons per meal (send spoons please y'all)! So...with that, I've begun to introduce finger foods. So far the only real hits are shredded cheese and beans (black & Lima seem to be the beans of choice). Baby D loves broccoli, or she did yesterday. Today she hated it. Baby C loves ham and bacon. Baby A stuffed his little cheeks full of pasta, ham & broccoli the other day and looked like he was storing up for winter. And Baby B, well, she's a diva and makes some pretty funny faces when trying new foods. She hasn't loved any of the finger foods I've been introducing except for Cheerios which doesn't cut it in Mommy's book. She did however go crazy for fried chicken that my aunt and uncle brought for the adults to enjoy! (There's always one!) 

And today, I had to drop one of the cribs for the safety of two of the babies. They're standing a lot and one in particular has begun to "teethe" on the crib. He has five teeth now and is chewing on everything he sees. 

We've also begun to take baths in the bathtub, two at a time. Everyone absolutely loves bathtime and it does turn to a bit of playtime! Baby D will even crawl to the bathroom on her own and sit at the tub when it's time to get in! 

Finally, for Christmas, an angel sent us our convertible car seats. We've upgraded now to big fancy seats. They're very nice car seats and the babies love them but Mommy sure misses the infant carriers! Loading everyone is now about a 30-minute chore as I have to take everyone out to the garage one by one. Also, the back two have to be loaded in through the hatch in the van! I'm so glad we chose the van because it's easier to do than it is in our suburban but I kind of wish we'd have gone really big and got a 15-passenger van. Yeah. I said it. I've gone beyond soccer mom to the big leagues. Soon, I'll be asking for a bus! 

So as you can see, things have definitely been hectic here. With the upcoming birthday, we have tons of doctor visits and checkups on the horizon. Since the big day falls smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season, we opted not to do a big party. We've just invited over our immediate family for a meal and cake and will keep it very simple this year. Maybe we can do something larger in summer when it's safer to have lots of people around the babies! 

I'll be sure to post about their birthday the next time I can come up for air! Until then,

Love & Prayers,


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