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Rolly Polly, Busy Babies

I've admitted to being in a bit of a "funk" lately but even so, we've been busy around here. With the babies' one year birthday fast approaching, I've been doing a lot of reflecting but on top of that, those little boogers have become B-U-S-Y! Two of them are standing and pulling up on everything! I caught one of them standing with his head in the toy box yesterday. The other two have begun crawling so I have four, very mobile, very active babies. Finally, I had to break down and turn the room where we had all of their swings and baby equipment into a full-fledged playroom.  

Of course, it didn't stay this clean for long. We now have a gate in the doorway thanks to my aunt and uncle who came down for an early birthday visit!  So hopefully now Mommy can get at least a few things done during the day while they entertain themselves but so far, I've had to be hands on showing them toys and when I'm not, I've usually got one or more at the gate &quo…

A Blog Post from the Trenches or A Whiny Quad Momma Keeping it Real

**Disclosure - This post is real. It is honest. In no way do I mean to come across negative or ungrateful. I love my babies, my husband and my family but sometimes, this is hard!

I haven't blogged in a long time. Why? Because I haven't felt like it. My husband will vouch that I've been in a terrible funk. In all honesty, I haven't felt like much. I've spent most of December and now January not feeling right. Let me be clear, I am SO thankful for my babies and the constant blessing in my life but lately, I feel alone. I know I'm not alone. I know God is always there and I have so many people to support me when they can but I've been struggling.

I've never understood the people that come up to me in the grocery store or approach me online when they learn I have quadruplets and tell me "oh you're so lucky. I always wanted quadruplets". Really? I'm pretty sure nobody in their right mind ever thinks, "gosh, I hope I get four babies at o…