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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

As I spend my last minutes of 2015 reflecting on the year we had, I saw it only fitting to sit down and draft at least a short blog post. I've been meaning to post a new one for a while now, but December (and even November) have been a blur for us. 
It wasn't all that long ago that on New Year's Eve at about this time, I'd definitely be in an altered state of mind and celebrating amongst friends. I must admit though, relaxing in my pajamas at home with my family and Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve is definitely a more comfortable way to ring in 2016 (although it may be a direct result of having quadruplets and my level of sheer exhaustion that I'd rather put on my pajamas and blog so at 12:01, I can go to sleep). 
I will be the first to say, 2015 has not been kind to us. We have faced challenge after challenge and we spent most of our year surviving on our faith in Christ alone. 2015 has tested us with an oilfield crash, job loss, untruthful employers, financial st…

Learning to count on others...and finding friends you can count on!

On the day we found out we were having quadruplets, Adam and I knew that our lives were forever changed but we didn't really have a clue what things were going to be like. We left the fertility clinic in shock and confusion and didn't really know what to do or where to turn, other than God. I remember sitting in my husband's tiny red Honda Hatchback and praying over the four little heartbeats we had just heard and then going back to my office, closing the door, and the feeling of pure panic overcoming me. 

Growing up as what some have termed the MTV Generation, I immediately did the only thing I knew to do, I googled "what to do when you're having quadruplets". If you clicked on the link, you'll see that there's not a whole lot of information to rely on. After much searching, I finally stumbled upon the blogs of several amazing quad moms that I am not proud to call "friends". 
Early on, I learned that things would be different for me and fitti…

20 Month Update And Our First (TWO) Real Illnesses

I'm not as behind as I have been before, but it's time! I'm late, as usual. I spent the last week and a half battling our first real illness - five cases of strep (counting me) and four upper respiratory infections. Still, I wanted to give an update in regard to where we are at now that we're 20 months old (it's so hard to believe they'll be two years old in a few short months)! And then, I spent another week battling six cases of a stomach virus. Blogging, while I've missed it, just wasn't on the priority list. Instead, I decided it was best to focus on keeping my family alive. Now, I'll go back through a blog post that I began drafting almost a month ago to try to make it relevant! 

The past month has been a vocabulary explosion! So many new words are being learned and used properly that my heart is just aflutter. We've also learned how to climb up and sit on the couches like big boys and girls. Boy is it a weird feeling to walk into the living…

Take Your Vitamins! I'm Talking to YOU Mommies!!!!

This post is one that I wish I could broadcast into the lives of every single pregnant woman on Earth but ESPECIALLY moms of multiples. Seriously, this is that important.

While I was pregnant with the quads, nutrition was obviously a major concern during pregnancy and making sure I got enough calories (seriously at one point they had me on a 7,000 calorie diet) and ate the right foods. From my very first appointment at Texas Children's Pavillion for Women, I was in the Multiples Program there which included regular visits with a nutritionist. One resource I was given on my first visit was this book, titled When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein. 

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I found the book to be a tremendous resource but I have heard other MoMs state otherwise. (Some of the illustrations in the book can be a …

Mom Badges

Every single night the last thing I do before going to bed myself is one last check on all four sleeping babes. Often, I sit and stroke each of their heads for a few minutes, pray over them and revel in how sweet and peaceful they are when they're sleeping (all while praying they don't wake up). Last night, when I walked into the girls' room, I was greeted by a familiar smell (if you're a mom, I'm sure you know the smell well). This wasn't the first time I've been poised with this dilemma and the age old adage to "never wake a sleeping baby".  Last night however, I knew there wasn't a chance I was going to let my daughter sleep all night in a dirty diaper so I did what any mom would do. I grabbed a fresh diaper and the wipes and went to work. I'll have you know, I changed my daughter's diaper, in her crib, in her sleep, without waking her. I thought to myself, "wow, there should totally be a mom badge for this and I should really …

Got Mom Guilt?

"I'm at Starbucks. Alone. And blogging. Help me! Do you have mom guilt?" 

The statement above is a true statement I just texted to my best friend. I am at Starbucks. I have an entire afternoon that I can sit here alone blogging, drinking yummy coffee and writing until my heart's content. And I feel terrible about it. 

Let me be clear. My kids are with my husband who is an amazing dad. They look up to him and truly WANT to be the center of their daddy's world. He's fully capable of caring for them without me and I know they'll be entertained, fed, changed, and cared for. However, even though I know they're safe, there's a part of me thinking "but that's your job". 

Before I had kids, I had a career with daily adult interaction, fancy lunches, regularly ate out with my husband, and took fun trips with him. We went out on dates at least once a week. I had a dog but rarely went anywhere I couldn't take her and when I did, while I missed…

19 Month Update - Learning to Talk!

It seems like it hasn't been that long since I posted our 18 month old update. Oh, that's right. I was super duper late on that one, so I guess I should feel good that I'm only a couple weeks late on the new one. 

Things have been moving along fast and furiously as always. We moved very recently and I've been busy unpacking and getting our new home in order which is no easy feat considering I have four little "helpers" who can destroy a room in 0.001 second flat if left unattended for even a fraction of time. That said, we are finally settling in, boxes are all unpacked and now it's just a matter of slowly accumulating the finishing touches to make our house into a home. The good news is, we've  downsized into something much smaller, there's no stairs, and we LOVE our comfy new home and it's location that basically feels like we live in vacation.

The kiddos are doing wonderfully.  Every day is like a brand new adventure and I enjoy watching all …

18 Month(ish) Update - We're all walking!

I'm very behind (what's new?). It's been a while (again) since I last posted and so much has changed. I've actually drafted several blog posts but by the time I got around to actually publishing them, it was a little late and I felt like I should just go ahead and write a new post. In fact, this original post was actually done a day or so ago and in the time between drafting and proof-reading, we have even more growth and development!

My last published post was about Adam losing his job in the oilfield. I am happy to report that he's since found employment but we haven't been without struggles. Most importantly, we have learned some very hard lessons this year about sacrifices and savings and therefore, we are making huge changes in our lifestyle. I'm sure I'll blog about that more later.

Today's blog is an update on where the babies are at developmentally at 18 months for posterity's sake.

We've had a summer of firsts. 

Baby A - Baby A has been…

15 Month Update

Whew! Yesterday, the babies turned 15 months old. It feels like it's been forever since I've been able to give an update on where we are developmentally. Why? Because we've been so busy developing that there's never any time. Seriously. Ever. Things are non-stop and these guys pretty much take up every ounce of energy, time, and money we have!

Since their birthday in January, we have been receiving services through ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). Three of the four babies qualified for services based on developmental delays. I'm so happy to say that it looks like we probably won't be in the program for too much longer.

Baby A was barely crawling at their first birthday. At 15 months, he's pulling up, cruising the couch, climbing up on the stairs, and can stand on his own for about 30 seconds. He's very close to walking and I am expecting it any day. Lately, he does this little move where he plants his feet and his hand on the floor and pushes up into a…

Making Your Own Laundry Detergent

Since having the quads, one of the things we have continuously worked on has been trimming our budget wherever we can. Surviving on one income (and now no income) proves to be a lofty task in today's society but it can be done. 

While we've had to sacrifice in multiple areas, one of the things I've been able to do is learn how to make things myself versus paying sometimes three times the cost or more what I'd pay to buy it. One such item I've learned to make myself is laundry detergent. Within a multiples group I network with online, a triplet mommy shared that she'd been making her own laundry detergent to save money. I was intrigued so she sent me a sample of hers to try and I loved it. It worked ALMOST as good as the name brand detergent I've been loyal to my entire life. I've posted about it before, but I have always been very brand loyal to Tide detergent and it's done a great job at keeping my kiddos clothes clean since the day they were born. …