Why It Is a Bad Idea to Cram Little Behinds into Diapers a Size Too Small

It's every parent's worst nightmare. Times two! You guessed it, the BLOW OUT diaper. If you've got a child, you know the one I'm talking about. The one where you pick your child up and immediately know something's not right.

It happened to me today. Twice! I don't know what it is about car rides, but for us, not only do they have a calming affect on our children, it also seems to clear up any issues with, ahem, regularity, for our little squad. I was proud of myself for disassembling all four car seats, washing the covers, wiping down the plastic parts of the rest and then reassembling everything. Today was our first day out sporting clean car seats. I knew the babies were appreciative of their clean seats. I mean, if you'd seen the funk they'd been sitting in, you'd understand. I dressed everyone in brand new outfits that Grammy bought them, strapped them in, and we took off for errands in the van. About an hour and a half later and one trip through McAllister's Deli drive-thru for Mom, we returned. I couldn't wait to dig into my Savannah Chopped Salad but before I could, I had to get everyone situated. That's when it happened.

I set about lovingly taking each child out, putting them in a jumper or a swing or on the floor with toys so they could play for an hour while Mommy ate. Two babies in, it happened. I didn't see it coming. I picked up my daughter and felt my hand smoosh into something warm and sticky. Could it be? NO!!!! In fact, it was. All over her brand new pants. All over my hand. All over her leg. All over her freshly washed car seat. This is one of those that took half of a package of baby wipes to clean up. That diaper didn't even stand a chance against it. 

Once we got her all cleaned up and in new clothes, I moved on to the next baby. Imagine my surprise when I got the same "surprise" from him! At least I was prepared this time. 

So, I've learned my lesson. You see, as much as I'd like to blame the diaper, it was my own fault. Diapers are expensive. Especially times four. So when I found two boxes of size 2 diapers we had outgrown and the stores wouldn't exchange them for me, I did what any penny-pinching quad momma would do; I slapped those babies on their little butts and went on with life. In hindsight, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. But, I guess two pairs of dirty pants, two car seat covers and a box of wipes is the price I pay. Good thing we've got a good washing machine! 

What's your best penny-pinching fail story?

Until next time,
Love & Prayers,


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