Making Formula by the Batch AND Pampered Chef Giveaway

Remember the other day when I posted that my must-have for multiples gadget, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro was officially on the fritz? Well, I'm still making bottles by hand and mixing up formula by the batch so I thought perhaps it was a perfect time to write out instructions for how to make formula by the batch AND I've partnered with my friend and Pampered Chef Consultant, Brelee Hull, to bring you a special giveaway! More details about that later! 

Making formula by the batch is much easier than mixing bottles individually. Right now, we go through about 112 ounces of formula a day. This post tells you how to make 90 ounces of Similac Advance at a time. We currently have one baby who is on a combination of formulas so his bottles are made separately. However, these instructions can easily be modified to fit your formula needs. 

I like to use my Pampered Chef Quick Stir Pitcher when making formula. This pitcher is AWESOME! Before I got my bottle maker, I bought this pitcher after spending an hour a day making and pouring bottles because it mixed the formula so much better and faster than a regular pitcher and a spoon. I can't remember seeing clumps in a bottle since using this pitcher because it mixes so well. With a regular pitcher and spoon, that was not this case! The pitcher works great for all drinks that require mixing - KoolAid, Sweet Tea, Lemonade, you name it. It also works well for mixing hot beverages too!

So let's get started on making that formula:

First off, please remember - once mixed, powdered formula is good for 24 hours when kept in the refrigerator. Don't waste it! Only mix up what you're going to need in the next 24 hours.

Step One - Gather your required materials: Formula, Water, Measuring Cup or Pitcher, and Pampered Chef Easy Stir Pitcher (you could also use a regular pitcher and a spoon for stirring but you'll soon see why I asked Brelee to join me with a special giveaway). 

Step Two - Calculate how much formula you will need. Most formulas require one scoop of formula mixed with two ounces of water. In my case, one can of formula makes 90 ounces of formula. There's 45 scoops of formula in a can. 

Step Three - Dump the formula into the pitcher.

Step Four - Add required amount of water. In this case, 90 ounces. 

Step Five  - Mix. This is easily done with your Pampered Chef Quick Stir Pitcher. The pitcher features a built in stirrer and all you have to do is pump the pitcher until all of the formula is dissolved (about 10-15 pumps). 

Step Six - All done. Pour up your bottles and store in the refrigerator. 

Special tip for an easy way to warm your bottles: use a small crock pot of water kept on low. Just drop your bottles in for a couple of minutes. However, be sure you test the warmth on your wrist before you give to baby so you don't accidently burn baby.

Pampered Chef Quick Stir Pitcher Giveaway

Now - for what you've all been waiting for. It's giveaway time!!!  Brelee Hull and I are teaming up! One lucky Lotsobaby Lane Reader will win a Family Size Quick Stir Pitcher (Valued at $24.50) as pictured in my tutorial This Pampered Chef pitcher features an exclusive plunger tjat mixes juice, powdered drinks and more with a few tugs of the handle. Ingredients that settle to the bottom of the pitcher between uses are quickly and easily remixed. Oval design allows convenient storage in door of most refrigerators. The pitcher also accommodates hot beverages; perfect for preparing iced tea or iced coffee. Ergonomic handle. 1 gallon (3.8 L). Dishwasher-safe.

There's several ways to earn entries into the raffle: leave a comment below about your favorite Pampered Chef product or one that you'd like to try (1 point), visit and leave a comment on Brelee's Pampered Chef Facebook Page (1 entry), on Lotosobaby Lane's Facebook Page (1 entry), follow Lotsobaby Lane (2 entries), place a Pampered Chef order of any size here (5 entries), or speak with Brelee about hosting your own Pampered Chef party (5 entries). The giveaway will end at midnight on December 15, 2014.  Winner will be contacted to make arrangements for prize delivery and for permission to share their name on the blog.

To make sure you receive proper credit for your entries, please use the Rafflecopter Widget below. If you have trouble with the widget, leave a comment below and I will manually enter your entries in for you.

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Disclaimer - The Pampered Chef Quick Stir Pitcher pictured above was purchased by myself with my own money. Opinions written are my own and I was not compensated in any way for them. The Pampered Chef Pitcher being given away is donated by Brelee Hall. I will receive Pampered Chef credit for any orders placed through Lotsobaby Lane and this giveaway. Thanks for supporting me!


  1. i have never tried their products before but i would really love to win this

  2. I always use my apple slicer and corer

  3. I've never used it before but I've heard good things!

  4. I purchased a pizza stone and used it one time and then my daughter dropped it and it broke. I would love to have this for my grandbaby.

  5. I love their Pizza stone. I think that's the only Pampered Chef item I've used before!

  6. My favorite is the silicone oven mitts.

  7. I have used their tart containers. I love them.

  8. I love their pizza pan! It's the perfect size and you can use it for multiple dishes!

  9. CONNIE = Rose

    I have their veggie chopper which I've used for years and still works great. About 8 years ago, I got a spatula and it still looks brand new and we use it a lot. I guess my favorite between the two would have to be the chopper.

  10. I have a pampered chef whisk and I love it!

  11. I've never used pampered chef products, but always wanted to try them!

  12. Yes, I love Pampered Chef. My favorite tool has been the Mix & Chop.


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