How I Lowered Our Dish Bill By More than Half!

We have Dish Network. Like many people, especially large families living on one income, we've been trying to cut expenses wherever we can to trim down our budget as baby expenses continue rising. One of the items we discussed was cutting our cable bill. After several years of being a loyal customer, our bill had crept it's way up and I'll admit I didn't really stay on top of keeping the cost down as much as I should have. If it were up to Adam, we would have cancelled it completely. However, the TV has become my friend during the day. I love my babies so much and wouldn't have it any other way than spending my days with them. But they don't talk back to me and sometimes, I just want to hear other voices. So I pushed back on cancelling all together although I knew we were going to have to find a way to cut back somewhere. 

When I received a Black Friday flyer in the mail from DirectTV and idea hit me. "I wonder if Dish would be willing to negotiate with me in order to keep my business", I asked myself. So, one night, after everyone was in bed, I picked up the flyer and my phone and called in. I told them right away that I was calling to cancel. When the representative asked me why, I told him that I had received a flyer from Dish offering over 150 channels, 3,000 Titles on Demand, free HBO, Showtime & Cinemax for three months, Free Genie upgrades AND $100 prepaid Visa Card all for only $29.99 a month and I'd be silly not to take their offer. Immediately, he told me they didn't want to lose our business. He asked to take a look at our account and see what he could remove to bring down our bill. I told him, no, I didn't want to lose any of my channels. He then assured me that I wouldn't lose anything. 

Slowly, he started whittling my bill down bringing my cost down for $20 and adding the movie channels free for six months. I continued to push back telling him "I really appreciate you trying to compete, but the DirectTV offer is still a lot better". He came back with an additional $20 off with not a lot of pressing. I decided to push harder. He came back with another $10 off. Knowing that I really didn't have anything to lose, I pushed back one more time telling him that I knew he'd given me a lot of savings but it seemed the DirectTV offer was just too good to pass up. This time, he told me there was one more savings he could offer to me but he had to get approval. He asked me to hold while he got his supervisor to approve an additional $20 off for me. Of course, I obliged and patiently waited the few minutes for him to gain approval. He was gone only a brief moment (Did he really need approval? We'll never know.) before coming back on the line to tell me I was all set. I was able to negotiate my way down to matching the DirectTV promotional price for 6 months. The only thing I didn't get was the $100 gift card but honestly, they would probably get that in fees anyways!

The only caveat is that my new price is only good for six months but now that I know this little trick, I've already put it in my calendar when I need to call back and negotiate again. It's definitely worth a short call to save money on our bill!

Don't have Dish? I'd love to save you and me both $50! Here's a code to help both of us save: VCD0012511623.  You can order by calling 855-318-6900 or visit to order Dish.


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