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How I Lowered Our Dish Bill By More than Half!

We have Dish Network. Like many people, especially large families living on one income, we've been trying to cut expenses wherever we can to trim down our budget as baby expenses continue rising. One of the items we discussed was cutting our cable bill. After several years of being a loyal customer, our bill had crept it's way up and I'll admit I didn't really stay on top of keeping the cost down as much as I should have. If it were up to Adam, we would have cancelled it completely. However, the TV has become my friend during the day. I love my babies so much and wouldn't have it any other way than spending my days with them. But they don't talk back to me and sometimes, I just want to hear other voices. So I pushed back on cancelling all together although I knew we were going to have to find a way to cut back somewhere. 

When I received a Black Friday flyer in the mail from DirectTV and idea hit me. "I wonder if Dish would be willing to negotiate with me i…

Making Formula by the Batch AND Pampered Chef Giveaway

Remember the other day when I posted that my must-have for multiples gadget, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro was officially on the fritz? Well, I'm still making bottles by hand and mixing up formula by the batch so I thought perhaps it was a perfect time to write out instructions for how to make formula by the batch AND I've partnered with my friend and Pampered Chef Consultant, Brelee Hull, to bring you a special giveaway! More details about that later! 

Making formula by the batch is much easier than mixing bottles individually. Right now, we go through about 112 ounces of formula a day. This post tells you how to make 90 ounces of Similac Advance at a time. We currently have one baby who is on a combination of formulas so his bottles are made separately. However, these instructions can easily be modified to fit your formula needs. 

I like to use my Pampered Chef Quick Stir Pitcher when making formula. This pitcher is AWESOME! Before I got my bottle maker, I bought this pitcher af…

Why It Is a Bad Idea to Cram Little Behinds into Diapers a Size Too Small

It's every parent's worst nightmare. Times two! You guessed it, the BLOW OUT diaper. If you've got a child, you know the one I'm talking about. The one where you pick your child up and immediately know something's not right.

It happened to me today. Twice! I don't know what it is about car rides, but for us, not only do they have a calming affect on our children, it also seems to clear up any issues with, ahem, regularity, for our little squad. I was proud of myself for disassembling all four car seats, washing the covers, wiping down the plastic parts of the rest and then reassembling everything. Today was our first day out sporting clean car seats. I knew the babies were appreciative of their clean seats. I mean, if you'd seen the funk they'd been sitting in, you'd understand. I dressed everyone in brand new outfits that Grammy bought them, strapped them in, and we took off for errands in the van. About an hour and a half later and one trip through…

A Clean House Makes a Healthy Home!

It's officially cold and flu (and strep and some other nasty bugs) season. I'm a big believer that a lot of sicknesses are preventable by keeping things clean and sanitary. With four little ones starting to crawl, I try hard to keep our floors clean along with other objects they come in contact to regularly. One sick baby in our house means four sick babies here so it's extra important for mommy's sanity to prevent as much as we can. But it's also the first of the month! Time to remember all those things a new month brings! I use the first of the month as a reminder to clean some of those things that often get overlooked! 

I've been busy this morning cleaning house after having company for a week but I also have a few items that require regular cleaning, some of which I didn't initially think of when it came to cleaning. Here's a few that are on my list:

Bottle Maker - I posted previously about my Baby Breeza Formula Pro. I did a lot of research prior to …