Our Family's First Thanksgiving (And Other Life Updates)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you're reading this, chances are very good that you've made a strong impact on our lives for the better and we want you to know how thankful we are for you.

Our Turkeys First Thanksgiving (And 10 Months Old Picture)

We have A LOT to be thankful for this year. We are so blessed to have our four children home with us, happy and healthy. We are thankful for each other. We are thankful for the family and friends who have prayed for us, helped us with various acts of kindness, and generally showed their love for us. Most of all, we are thankful for God looking out for us and always seeing that our needs are met. And...in keeping with how our lives have been for the past year and a half, we celebrated anything but the normal way. 

We were blessed that Adam's parents were able to come down this week to celebrate with us and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. They arrived on Sunday evening after a long drive in from New Mexico. Our two-year wedding anniversary happened to be the next day. When we woke up, they surprised us with a card and the gift of a date night complete with childcare. This was quite possibly the most moving gift ever as Adam and I didn't think we were going to have the time or the money to do anything except a movie on the couch after the kids were in bed. We also haven't had many opportunities to date one another in the last year so dinner and movie was a rare and much appreciated treat. It was also easy to relax knowing that the babies were in good hands with Grammy and Granddad caring for them. Our anniversary also included a special moment for Adam and I. I have not worn my engagement ring since I was first pregnant and it has not fit me right after the pregnancy. Without me knowing, Adam took it from my hiding place, had it resized and the diamonds tightened. He took me on an adventure. Since the day we moved, we've been saying we wanted to climb the Harbor Bridge. We gave it our best shot but about 3/4 of the way up, the close passing traffic and shaking bridge made Adam want to turn around. I went along with it. After that, he took me on a walk on the fishing pier that goes along the USS Lexington. We went out as far as it goes and sat and watched a couple ships pass by. Then all of a sudden, Adam surprised me by getting on one knee and asking me to be his wife all over again and to spend the rest of our lives living in Corpus. That was a totally unexpected and sweet memory!

Our Thanksgiving feast was a little bit unconventional this year. Because Adam had to work on Thanksgiving Day, we had our feast on Wednesday. Adam and his Dad fried a turkey while his Mom and I made all the sides. We enjoyed our feast and then the babies woke up just in time to taste turkey, mashed potatoes (Grammy was sweet enough to make them without any salt), and cranberries. Baby B was super excited to try the cranberries and she was pretty upset when her Daddy made her leave the table to go sit in the recliner with him. After our dinner, we headed to a park near us to snap a quick picture for our Christmas cards before heading downtown for a walk near the harbor so that we'd have room for pie. 

Adam & Dad Frying our Turkey

Staging a funny frying photo

Our Thanksgiving Day started early when Adam woke up at 4 AM to head back to work. I woke up with him, made him breakfast and leftover Turkey sandwiches, and then tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't. I knew that in a few hours his Mom and Dad would be leaving too. We are so extra thankful to them for their visit. They gave our family so much love that we've really been needing. I spent the day with the babies getting them back on their regular routine. They were pretty tired from all of the extra love and attention they got for a few days so they spent a lot of today sleeping. It was worth it though because it was so nice to be able to hold all four babies at one time and not feel like someone was missing out. Tonight, as I bathed them, read them a story and said our prayers with them, I sure did miss my mother-in-law. It was so easy having two extra sets of hands around to help with our daily routine. I know the babies loved it too. They demanded their Grammy and Granddad's attention of you can be sure they got it! 

All in all, even though our Thanksgiving wasn't the traditional celebration, it was, so much like our life, OURS. It may not have been cookie cutter and perfect, but we made it work just like we do our daily life. God has not only blessed us beyond imagine, He provides for all our our needs in His own perfect timing! We are so thankful for a Thanksgiving filled with love and family. We hope yours was too!

Grammy & Granddad with babies! (Grammy took them shopping!)

Love and Prayers,


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