Bayalage Highlights

As probably anyone would guess, four babies carry a pretty hefty price tag. One baby is expensive. Four is insane. So, logically, we've been making regular cutbacks in our household to try to help the budget go a little further. I'll try to post about a few money saving tips I've learned in the future but for now, I want to talk about something new I recently did. 

My close friends know that I've been blonde for a REALLY long time. I've been seeing the same hair stylist for over ten years in fact. And like clockwork, every six weeks, you used to see me in her chair having my roots touched up. Now that my miracles are here, not only are highlights a pricey indulgence, they also take a lot of time that I usually can't find to tear myself away for a couple hours at a time. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to go in and get my natural, dishwater blonde color done all over my head to try to avoid the strong demarcation line I'd been sporting for the last couple of months. (Seriously ya'll! I'd gone about two-three times as long as I normally would and it was BAD!) I couldn't even wear my hair in a ponytail without being embarrassed! 

Finally, I decided that something had to be done. After a bad experience using box color in college that cost me $300 to have corrected, I decided against going that route again. I checked with some local MOMs via a local Facebook group and made an appointment with a salon they recommended. Then I broke the news to Adam that he'd have the squad all to himself for a few hours on that day! 

When I arrived at Atelier Salon (late no doubt), I was greeted by a friendly receptionist. Almost immediately, my sweet stylist, Chloe, came up to greet me. We talked about what I needed and I told her that I had nine-month old quadruplets and needed something low-maintenance for both time and cost considerations. I told her I wasn't against going all my natural color, but that I'd seen that in old pictures and it really washed me out. Chloe suggested something to me called bayalage (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE). A French technique, basically, bayalage means to paint or sweep. So instead of putting on color and wrapping my hair in tons of foil, Chloe spent her time painting on the highlights (or in my case, lots of low-lights). The goal for my new look was to make it look like my hair had just been lightened naturally in the sun. Hence, the top layer still looks very blonde, but underneath, it's very, VERY dark. This means that as my roots grow in again, it won't be as obvious. The strong line of demarcation will be much more difficult to see and I can go basically as long as I'd like until I have to have my hair highlighted again! (In my case, because I was so blonde before, she said I'll probably see some fading of my new brown color, so it will probably need to be touched up again in about eight weeks due to fading but after that, the color should start to stay.)

(Don't judge, I wasn't going to fix my hair to go have it fixed! I was late already!) But see how my hair is now blonde on the top layer yet, brown underneath?

So far, I'm pretty happy with it. The brown hasn't washed out yet but then again, it's only seen a couple of shampooings since I did the color. I'm pretty thankful that I found a way to still keep some of the blonde, but I'm not tied to the salon chair and my pocketbook can focus on what's important: diapers! 

Until next time,
Love & prayers,


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