Archibeque Quads First Christmas Wish List

We are so lucky to be surrounded by sweet family and friends who love our babies (and us) so much! Recently I've been asked several times what our babies need for Christmas this year. Since they are still too young to really understand, we hope they'll enjoy unwrapping a few packages. We've purchased a few developmental toys so far to put under our tree along with Christmas jammies but here is a list of items they are in need of:

Diapers - size 4 and up

Along with formula, diapers are one of our biggest needs. We go through about 20 diapers a day or approximately 140 a week right now. We aren't brand loyal and usually shop for the best price. 


It's getting close to time for us to upgrade from our infant carriers and into Convertible (Rear-Facing Seats). After much research, I think we are going to go with the Evenflo Symphony™ DLX All-In-One Car Seat. It is the top rated seat for safety as well as affordability plus it should last us both rear and forward facing as well as a booster seat.

Boon Edgeless Saucers

These are highly recommended by fellow quad mommies. With four, it's difficult to make sure plates stay on the table where they should. As we are transitioning into eating solids and starting to self-feed, these are high on our want list!

Wooden Blocks
Wooden blocks are an excellent developmental toy for children on many levels. Especially good for cognitive development, as far as toys go, a good set of wooden blocks is high on our list.

Northstates Superyard
As the babies become mobile, keeping everyone safe, away from electrical outlets and dangerous pieces of furniture, is becoming important and with four, needing a way to contain everyone, but still allow them room to play and explore is crucial. I think I'd like to start with one yard and eventually move up to two to allow them more space.

Another highly recommended product from fellow quad mommies, here's a video of another set of quads trying out their choo choo wagon for the first time. We'll have to get one set and then two add on wagons to accomodate our whole family but this will be perfect for outings to the beach, park, city, and the country to visit grandma and grandpa!

Hooded Bath Towels & Wash Cloths
We love these! We got a set before the babies were born and we're already wearing holes in them! So these are definitely on our list for Christmas time. 


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