Why I Do Not Recommend Moving with Four Eight-Month Olds (Or Moving - Period)

We all know that moving is quite possibly one of the hardest most stressful times in one's life. So what on Earth would make someone think it's a good idea to move with eight-month-old quadruplets? 

Let me just say first off, that I love the place we are at right now. I also love that Adam is able to come home at night and we are able to easily meet for dinner or to feed/bathe the babies together. I love our house and the fact that it finally feels like we have a home. But make no mistake; I am EXHAUSTED! And I'm not just saying that because that's what people say when they move. No. I'm the kind of exhausted I was when we brought four babies home from NICU that took an hour each to finish a two-ounce bottle and we had to feed them every three hours around the clock and it was just Adam and I doing it. I'm the kind of exhausted that I was when I was 26 weeks pregnant with four babies and the pain and itching kept me up all night every night and all anyone would tell me was "sleep while you can". In case you didn't get it, I'm exhausted! 

Because Adam works so hard during the day for our family, it's been my job alone to tend to our home and our children (after all, isn't that why I quit my job as a recruiter). I absolutely love what I'm doing but it's not as easy of a job as I was expecting. I'll admit, when we discussed me staying home with the babies, I pictured myself lovingly waking up to cook breakfast before sending my husband off to work and then waking our four cozy little bed heads, loving on them, feeding them their perfectly warmed bottles and then snuggling in bed singing and reading to them before I take my own shower where I wash my hair, shave my legs and then follow with styling my hair and applying make up. Followed by a full day of learning and exploring with our four little miracles. Yeah; that's not my life. 

I usually wake up, throw on some lounge pants and a t-shirt, brush my teeth and put in contacts. On a good day, I'll actually run a brush through my hair before it goes in a pony tail. On most days, it just goes up in a pony tail. I let the dog out and make myself a cup of coffee before making the babies' bottles. Then it's time to wake them, change diapers and start our day. In between feeding babies and playing with them, I spend all day unpacking. I am so pleased to report that I only have about three boxes left total! Other than that, I have some random items to put away and a mountain of paperwork that needs to be filed appropriately (living with most of your items either packed up or in storage for nearly two years will do that to you). 

I'm so excited to be done with unpacking. Just in time too because the babies are beginning to drop some of their naps and become a little more demanding in terms of "neediness". Today, Baby C was rather upset this afternoon. I'm pretty sure he was mad because he didn't finish his bottle at 3:00 but we stick to a pretty tight schedule. So, I took him upstairs with me where I was working and he was completely content as long as he could see me and we were talking but if I walked out of the room, he lost his mind! 

Once the unpacking is done, there are still quite a few projects to be done around here. Our dining room table has big plans to be painted. We desperately need a quad table because it's getting harder and harder to contain the babies in their infant seats on the floor and today, we sort of had an incident where green beans and rice flew all over my brand new rug. I also need to shop/create wall art because as my Mom put it, the more blank space I leave, the more it attracts my soon-to-be-toddlers to decorate them for me. And then, there's our empty guest room. We ran into a situation when we moved and our guest bed wouldn't fit up the stairs to our guest room. So for now, if you come see us, be prepared to sleep on the floor! 

It does appear that my new job is one that never runs out of things to do but I wouldn't have it any other way. However, after this experience of moving and tending to four infants, I thought it would be fun to create a Top Ten list. So, straight from my delirious, sleep-deprived little mind here's my Top Ten Reasons NOT to Move When You Have Quadruplets:

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Move When You Have Quadruplets
10) You like to feel rested and energized when you wake in the morning.
9) You don't want to feel like you have run a marathon EVERY DAY for a month.
8) Living out of boxes or amongst boxes for a month or longer is NOT fun. 
7) Bruises - there's bruises all over your body for reasons you know not.
6) Unpacking shifts your focus away from the chores that must be done daily, like laundry. When you realize this has happened, it's already too late and you're forced to wash load after load of laundry for two days straight.
5) Talking on the phone is next to impossible  Seriously, just ask any of my friends or telemarketers who've called me in the last couple of weeks.
4) You like to eat. I feel like for the most part, I've existed on Cheerios and peanut butter sammiches. I realize much of this is due to my own decision that going to the grocery store with quadruplets is such an experience that's I'd rather eat cereal for every meal but still...it's a choice all quad mom's have to make.
3) You have so much on your mind already, it feels like you can't ever finish just one thing. Okay, maybe this is not quad related Maybe I've always been the type to get so wrapped up with something and then get distracted by where each project leads but it's even easier to get distracted when you've got four cute little bundles who need their mommy!
2) You'll miss your friends and people who cared enough about you to help you! Seriously, you guys who've been there for me, you know who you are. I cannot tell you how much I miss each of you.  You each brought such a blessing into my life and it's just not the same without you. 
1) It's scary to be in a new place and need help! It's not that the people are unfriendly by any means. We've had numerous offers from random people and several women have either given or attempted to give me their phone numbers in the grocery store. I'm sure these are all very nice, well-meaning individuals who truly want to help but there's just something about inviting a random stranger from the grocery store into your home with four infants that seems pretty scary. 

There you have it! Now that I'm pretty close to being done with all of the unpacking, hopefully my life can return to some degree of normalcy and I can resume my love of blogging.  As I've been moving and a little bit unavailable, I haven't been able to solicit "Ask the Quad Mom Questions" so I'd really like to resume those posts starting next week. Be sure to send me your questions!

In the meantime, lots of love and prayers to you and yours!



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