The Most Important Baby Product for Multiples Families!!

**Disclosure (in accordance with FTC Guidelines) - 
This is my personal review of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This product was purchased with my own money. I was given no special consideration or compensation for reviewing this product.

***REVISION*** December 3, 2014 - I've loved my Baby Brezza. I truly have. Unfortunately, today, the water pump went out on it. Something seemed off yesterday as the bottles weren't mixing properly and were making in the wrong amounts. (If I pressed the button to make an 8 ounce bottle, I'd get 3 ounces, or 5, or 10.) Finally, today, it stopped making bottles completely. For added affect, okay, really because if I didn't call right away I knew I'd forget, with all four babies hungry and crying in the background, I called their customer service. The agent walked me through a few steps to troubleshoot and we were quickly able to diagnose that the pump is not working correctly. Fortunately, it's under warranty and they'll be shipping me a new one in 3-5 days. However, I want to advise everyone that to receive the full warranty, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR RECEIPT. Fortunately, I never clean out my email these days so I still had it but I'll admit, there were a few moments of panic when she told me that! On a side note, would anyone like to come make bottles for me until my new machine arrives? 

Baby Brezza® Formula Pro

I'll admit, when I saw other MOMs (Moms of Multiples) posting pictures of their new Baby Brezza Formula Pros, I was skeptical. Very skeptical. The product was expensive and I'd seen a few poor reviews. The best way for me to describe the Baby Brezza is that it's like a Keurig, except for babies!

To fully understand why this product is such a lifesaver to me, I think it would be helpful if you understood my "old" process first. Prior to the Baby Breeza (which I've owned for about two months now), I or someone else (usually my amazing mother-in-law or my nanny) would spend about an hour a day making bottles. Here's an outline of the steps:

  1. Get 32 bottles out of the dishwasher
  2. Put liners in them
  3. Mix formula up by the batch (fellow quad Mom blogger, Amber, has an awesome tutorial here).
  4. Pour bottles with appropriate amount of formula for each baby.
  5. Matching nipples to colored rings (to know whose bottle is whose)
  6. Screw on nipples
  7. Put caps on bottles
  8. Place bottles in mini-fridge dedicated solely to storing babies' bottles.
Then, when it came time to feed babies, the process went like this:
  1. Remove appropriate bottles from mini-fridge.
  2. Place bottles in crock-pot of hot water kept going all day long. 
  3. Change babies' diapers.
  4. Discover diaper genie is full.
  5. Empty diaper genie.
  6. Discover you're out of diapers.
  7. Get diapers and restock baskets.
  8. Finish changing babies.
  9. Realize you forgot bottles in crock-pot while tending to babies' needs. 
  10. Take bottles out.
  11. Test bottles
  12. Bottles are too hot. 
  13. Listen to babies cry because they're hungry.
  14. Stick too hot bottle in the freezer in hopes of cooling it off faster.
  15. You get the point.

So in summary, the old process was VERY time consuming and often led to frustration for both me and the babies. After seeing MOMs post pictures and rave reviews of theirs, I finally broke down and decided I had to have one. But the price tag on it was approximately $160. When you're buying diapers, wipes, formula, bottle liners, clothes, etc for four babies, $160 is a lot of money. So, when I quit working in August, my last day of work present to myself (in celebration of 10 years of working at the same company), was the Baby Brezza. (I know, most people would pick something way cooler but I'm a quad mom, we think differently.) 

After searching for the best price, I finally decided to purchase mine at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and use a 20% off coupon. I called the 800 number to order (it was not available in any of the stores in my area) and I even got the representative to include free shipping. Several days later, a box arrived at my doorstep and I thought it was Christmas!

The initial set-up didn't take long. The hardest part was determining which ring to use for my specific formula. After that, and cleaning it for the first time, I poured water in it to warm and added my formula. I was ready for morning! 

The process of making bottles now is quite simple! Assuming I remember to pour water in the tank after each feeding, all I have to do is ensure there is plenty of formula in the machine, place my bottle under the spot, press a button, watch the formula mix and pour into the bottom, screw on a nipple and voila! A perfectly warmed, perfectly mixed bottle every time! I'll admit, sometimes I do have to give the bottle a little shake to make sure all of the formula is mixed easily, but it's minimal and can easily be done on the walk back to wherever the babies are. 

While the Formula Pro has been a lifesaver for me, there are a few things you should know. The machine does require frequent cleaning. Nightly, I remove the tray and the spout and run it through the dishwasher with the rest of my bottles. I also wipe everything down daily including the spout underneath where the formula comes out. Monthly, I remove the tank and the formula receptacle and thoroughly wash both. 

The only complaint I have regarding this amazing product is that a larger water tank would be very helpful, especially for families with four babies. We empty this one after each feeding and since the machine actually warms the water prior to mixing, if I forget to fill it up after making the last round of bottles, we're stuck waiting about 10 minutes for warm bottles. 

Hands down, this product is a complete time-saver for anyone feeding formula but especially for parents with multiples! I put this product number two on my list of must-have baby products, second only to a swing for each baby! If you're expecting multiples in the near future, I cannot emphasize enough, how this machine is worth every penny. I only wish we'd had it sooner! Seriously moms, if you're making a registry, put this on it and if you're shopping for a soon-to-be MOM she will LOVE you for this gift!

Until next time,
Love & Prayer,


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