Nine Month Old Quadlings

Can you believe our precious, tiny, tiny babies are already nine months old? So many people texted me today that before I know it, they'll be a year old. Someone even asked if I've started planning their one-year-old birthday party. (I have; in my mind at least). Since of course money and time are both precious commodities in our household during this season, I decided I'd try to do some cute nine-month photos on my own so we spent a couple hours this afternoon dressing up in our Paty rompers (Special thanks to Paty, Inc.), and snapping a few snapshots of everyone. You can only imagine how hard it was to get everyone not crying and looking in the general direction of the camera at once. Even our yorkie decided she had to be a part of the shoot. It was definitely a fun afternoon!

Overall, at nine months we are doing pretty well. Keep in mind, our adjusted age is just over six months so we're still taking our time with some things developmentally. It's pretty normal for preemies, especially micro-preemies to take their time. I like to think that because the first few months of their lives were spent rapidly learning things on their own, they're taking a well deserved break. Afterall, they did teach themselves how to breath! 

 I am seeing so many personalities come out. I get so many smiles, coos, and some mamas and lots of dadas lately. I've noticed that they are much more in control of their limbs, often making sure they are touching me with an arm or a leg at all times when we are feeding. Speaking of feeding, I can now feed all babies at once! They've gotten so big, it's almost impossible to use our old method of feeding two babies on a pillow in my lap. So now I line up for boppies on the floor, insert babies, hand my two babies that hold bottles theirs, and hold them for the other two while I help out with stray/flying bottles from time to time. As you can see, we're gearing up to crawl as well! Mommy has already had to secure a few electrical outlets near the tummy time mat. Here are few shots from our photo shoot with Mommy and one of our feeding time circle:

Grammy and Granddad got each baby a jumparoo and we can ALMOST reach the floor in them now. We're very engaged with the toys however! We've been sitting in them for about 20-30 minutes every afternoon. So far, nobody has fallen asleep sitting in one but we're definitely worn out when we get out of them. It also means Mommy and Daddy's house is looking for and more like a daycare! 

Other than lots going on, we're hanging in there. We managed to go out to the store twice this week and once to the post office again with Mommy riding solo! I'll admit, it's not easy but per my post earlier in the week, I'm trying to ask for help. I've decided that it's too hard to wait for Adam to be off of work to go to the grocery store or Walmart to buy long lists of items so I've learned to push my 90 pound quad stroller (that's the before baby weight for that beast) with one arm and pull the shopping basket behind me. I'm sure I'm a sight to be seen going through the aisles but it works. I still get stopped a lot; but this way, people see I mean business and for the most part, are kind enough to let us by so we can go on our way. Of course, there's still the occasional person who will track us down in the store to show one of their shopping buddies who might have missed us and I did catch one person trying to snap a cell phone pic (I'll save the lecture for now; but do I really have to explain why this is rude). Each shopping trip, I was able to ask someone in the store to help me out to the car with my purchases so I'm making progress here!  And, as a result of my shopping trips, I'm now eating regularly. I'm pleased to report that for the third day in a row, I ate breakfast and it was well before 2:00 in the afternoon (when I usually remember I haven't eaten and start cramming junk into my mouth). I'll spare you the photos of my food, but as an example, this morning I had a whole wheat bagel with scrambled eggs on it and fruit. I also started taking a multi-vitamin as well. Eating has already started to make a difference and I have much more energy than i was feeling for a few days last week. Still, it's a challenge to keep up with laundry and cleaning and still provide quality time with the babies. So you guys can guess what I'm letting go. I am however thinking it might be a good idea, depending on cost, to look into a cleaning service who could come every other week and mop floors, vacuum, dust, scrub bathrooms, and things like that. Time will tell. 

Thanks again for the overwhelmingly kind response to my last post and all of the encouragement and prayers you guys sent. I definitely feel those prayers working. I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday tomorrow. I'm looking forward to next Sunday as Adam and I have a church here in Corpus we plan on checking out together. Until next time,

Love and prayers,


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