Fun In Our New City

The Quad Dad recently had a few days off of work so we took advantage of the time and did a little adventuring around our new city! What a whirlwind of fun we had! So much fun in fact, that it took me a day or two to recover.

I was extremely proud that I met my goal of having all of our boxes unpacked before he had days off. Too bad one of his tasks during this week was to organize the garage and I was left with a nice stack of items to find homes for in the house as a result. (Speaking of, does anyone want to buy a gently used Fisher Price Rock n' Play Bassinet? We've got four!)
No more boxes!

We absolutely look forward to any time he's off of work because it means family time and we put extra effort into making fun memories on those days. Of course, some of that time is also reserved for the stuff we have to get done when he's off. For instance, there are certain types of tasks one simply cannot complete when they have four babies in tow. At the top of my priorities was a trip to a new doctor for myself. My pregnancy, though I wouldn't trade it for the world, was hard on my body and I've been having some issues with not feeling very well lately so a trip to the doctor was in order. I'm still waiting on the results from some tests that were run but hopefully I'll be able to feel more like myself again soon. 

But on to the good stuff! We love our new city. There are two things that Adam and I have a love for - the water and the mountains. It's our dream to one day buy a ranch up in the mountains and spend our days running it together, but in the meantime, we'll live in our city by the sea and spend our days exploring the seashore! 

We hopped in the car one morning and made a short drive over to Port Aransas! The babies and the Quad Dad both had their first ferry ride into Port Aransas. When we arrived, the first place we hit was the beach but before we could get out and enjoy it, we had to find something to eat because we were starved. After driving around town, we popped into a place called Moby Dick's. The food was okay but not something we were super excited about. Quad Dad got a seafood platter of some sorts and I had a shrimp po'boy. We did however love the appetizer we ordered - the Shrimp Stuffed Chiles were awesome. It came with four red chiles stuffed with shrimp and cream cheese! Mmm!
View of the babies first ferry ride (Exciting huh?)

Once we could think clearly again after finally finding sustenance, we headed to the beach! It was beautiful! We absolutely loved the clean sand and the pretty clear water! For Texas beaches, it was definitely the riviera of Texas! We only caused a minimal scene by taking both the double strollers out on the beach. The few people that were out that day all stopped to see our babies and ask questions about them. Quad Dad did manage to dip his toes, okay, his legs in. I don't blame him! The clear water is pretty irresistible. Even our fur baby had to go for a dip!

Babies on the beach in Port A (Quad Dad and Furbaby in background)

Furbaby taking a swim!

We spent another day going to see The National Seashore. This time, we parked right by the water. The Quad Dad was able to do a little bit of fishing (but no luck) and a lot of swimming! I swear that clear water will call your name! The babies and I got to do a little beach time. They all got to play in the sand a little bit but one baby in particular had herself a blast! 

Baby D enjoying the beach (and trying to eat sand)

We made sure to spend Quad Dad's final day off doing as much as we could! Of course, there were some last minute errands to be run (stocking up on formula and baby water/food of course) but we managed to check out one of the parks in our neighborhood.  One of the neat things about the city we've moved to is that there are tons of nice little parks scattered amongst the neighborhoods. I think these will be perfect for picnics very soon! 
Quad Mom doing some off-road strolling
Quad Dad leading the way through the park

We ended it all with a nice dinner date (plus four) at a restaurant on the water called Doc's Seafood and Steaks. This place was nice. We loved the atmosphere! Quad Dad had a dozen raw oysters (which were good) and the blackened yellowfin tuna which he proclaimed as "outstanding". I had the stuffed chicken which was in a poblano sauce. It too was super yummy! 
Wrapping things up with dinner on the water. Babies having dinner in this pic!

And just like that, it was time for him to head back to work and for me to catch up on laundry! We were definitely able to make some memories in our new city and already have plans for his next days! Fishing will be involved along with hopefully building our own table for the quads! I can't wait! In the meantime, it's my goal to get back to blogging! I miss you guys! 

Until next time,
Love and Prayers,


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