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The Most Important Baby Product for Multiples Families!!

**Disclosure (in accordance with FTC Guidelines) -  This is my personal review of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This product was purchased with my own money. I was given no special consideration or compensation for reviewing this product.

***REVISION*** December 3, 2014 - I've loved my Baby Brezza. I truly have. Unfortunately, today, the water pump went out on it. Something seemed off yesterday as the bottles weren't mixing properly and were making in the wrong amounts. (If I pressed the button to make an 8 ounce bottle, I'd get 3 ounces, or 5, or 10.) Finally, today, it stopped making bottles completely. For added affect, okay, really because if I didn't call right away I knew I'd forget, with all four babies hungry and crying in the background, I called their customer service. The agent walked me through a few steps to troubleshoot and we were quickly able to diagnose that the pump is not working correctly. Fortunately, it's under warranty and they'll be shi…

Nine Month Old Quadlings

Can you believe our precious, tiny, tiny babies are already nine months old? So many people texted me today that before I know it, they'll be a year old. Someone even asked if I've started planning their one-year-old birthday party. (I have; in my mind at least). Since of course money and time are both precious commodities in our household during this season, I decided I'd try to do some cute nine-month photos on my own so we spent a couple hours this afternoon dressing up in our Paty rompers (Special thanks to Paty, Inc.), and snapping a few snapshots of everyone. You can only imagine how hard it was to get everyone not crying and looking in the general direction of the camera at once. Even our yorkie decided she had to be a part of the shoot. It was definitely a fun afternoon!

Overall, at nine months we are doing pretty well. Keep in mind, our adjusted age is just over six months so we're still taking our time with some things developmentally. It's pretty normal f…


It's about time I let it all out. I confess, I haven't been completely 100% honest. You see, I'm guilty of what so many of us are. I hide my struggles, only posting the good, and keeping the struggles locked away where only those closest to me can see and many times, not even sharing with them. After all, who wouldn't prefer to see cute pictures of babies on the beach or hear about how well they're growing? Nobody wants to read about how some days, I don't have the strength to even put on real clothes, much less take a shower and brush my hair. Nobody wants to hear about how I'll do anything, including eating baby food myself, to avoid going to the grocery store alone with four babies. (For the record, rice cereal cannot be used as a substitute for rice when making stir-fry.)

See, from the beginning, I knew that my pregnancy was nothing short of a miracle. God had finally heard my prayers and my cries and had answered them with "yes". He made me a …

Fun In Our New City

The Quad Dad recently had a few days off of work so we took advantage of the time and did a little adventuring around our new city! What a whirlwind of fun we had! So much fun in fact, that it took me a day or two to recover.

I was extremely proud that I met my goal of having all of our boxes unpacked before he had days off. Too bad one of his tasks during this week was to organize the garage and I was left with a nice stack of items to find homes for in the house as a result. (Speaking of, does anyone want to buy a gently used Fisher Price Rock n' Play Bassinet? We've got four!)

We absolutely look forward to any time he's off of work because it means family time and we put extra effort into making fun memories on those days. Of course, some of that time is also reserved for the stuff we have to get done when he's off. For instance, there are certain types of tasks one simply cannot complete when they have four babies in tow. At the top of my priorities was a trip to a n…

Why I Do Not Recommend Moving with Four Eight-Month Olds (Or Moving - Period)

We all know that moving is quite possibly one of the hardest most stressful times in one's life. So what on Earth would make someone think it's a good idea to move with eight-month-old quadruplets? 

Let me just say first off, that I love the place we are at right now. I also love that Adam is able to come home at night and we are able to easily meet for dinner or to feed/bathe the babies together. I love our house and the fact that it finally feels like we have a home. But make no mistake; I am EXHAUSTED! And I'm not just saying that because that's what people say when they move. No. I'm the kind of exhausted I was when we brought four babies home from NICU that took an hour each to finish a two-ounce bottle and we had to feed them every three hours around the clock and it was just Adam and I doing it. I'm the kind of exhausted that I was when I was 26 weeks pregnant with four babies and the pain and itching kept me up all night every night and all anyone would …

Whew - It's been a LONG journey! But I'm back!

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. So many times I've tried to sit down and write a post, but each time, I've been distracted by what feels to be more pressing matters. That seems to be the pattern in my life these days! I have so many good intentions, but the truth is, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Want to journey back through time with me for that glimmer that flashed by my eyes called the month of September?

We started off September with a trip to see Adam's family in New Mexico. Long before we knew we were pregnant, much less, pregnant with quadruplets, Adam applied for bow season in New Mexico. And while in the hospital, we found out that his name was drawn in the lottery! So, we took 5 days and spent them in Roswell with his family. Adam and his Dad woke up early every morning to drive out to the mountain and hunt. His Mom and I took care of babies at the house. Unfortunately, I spent most of my nights tending to cryin…