Wednesday Series - Ask the Quad Mom (Week 4)

Wow! Can you believe it's Wednesday again? You know what that means! Another round of questions. I had some fantastic questions arrive in my email this week so let's just dive right in!

Q: Where do you look on those days where you just really need an extra push to help keep you going?
A: I love my babies! I really do. It is truly a joy to be their mommy. I cherish every smile, every laugh, new development, and yes, every dirty diaper, every cry, and every spit-up. Every missed shower, every spit-up on shirt, and every unclean floor, is an extra minute I have with them. On the rare occasions that I find myself wondering what I've gotten myself into, I think about the day, after all of my tests were done, when I was given a 0.5% chance of ever conceiving. I think about the 52 days spent in NICU having to ask a nurse permission to change my babies' diapers, hold them, or put clothes on them.  My babies are miracles. No doubt about it. I love them and it's hard to feel defeated when they truly are my dream come true.

Q: Do you ever think "how am I going to keep doing this day in and day out for the rest of my life?" I'm sure its exhausting....
A: You're right. It is exhausting! That's why they make coffee! I guess I don't really think about it as every day for the rest of my life. I think of it as a small season and just a brief window of time to enjoy them. They change so much every week and I truly feel as if there's a clock ticking on the time I have to squeeze little baby cheeks and enjoy belly laughs from tickle time. I try to focus on the moment and not long-term. The thought of them growing up before my eyes really does make me sad. 

Q: Do you every worry that people will label them as "the quads" and only view them as a group opposed to individuals?
A: My gosh. What could be worse than people calling my quadruplets "the quads"? I'd much rather people call them "the quadlings". Just kidding. Sort of. People are going to call them that regardless. It's a part of their identity and it always will be. I spend a lot of time talking to older multiples and moms of older multiples. It sounds like the time they're known as "the quads" will be brief, especially for fraternal quads like ours are. Once we get to be kindergarten age, our looks and our personalities will really begin to differ and I feel like they'll really come into their own identities at that point. They'll always be quadruplets so they'll be faced with questions (some insensitive) and fascination for their entire lives. It's our jobs as parents to teach them that their worth is in Christ as well as help them to reveal their own identities all while fostering their unique bond and teaching them to be patient with the questions they are asked and to answer with kindness. 

Q: Do they all act mostly alike or do they each have their own little personality? What are your favorite things they do?

A: Great question! They are NOTHING alike except that they all like to eat and they all make dirty diapers. Quad A is my smiley baby! He loves to laugh and will flirt with you when you talk to him. He's also pretty quiet and he loves his sisters! He sleeps with Quad B every night and every morning, even though I put them in the crib apart from one another, they're always cuddled next to each other and often, his legs are wrapped around her. Quad B is a little diva! She is prim and proper and all girl in everything she does. She prefers adult conversation but loves to watch her brothers and sister and is starting to interact with them more. Quad C is ALL boy! He's so strong physically but he also has a very strong personality. He's my best spoon feeder and will let you know when he's unhappy with you for not moving a spoon fast enough through the group! Quad D is our quiet little princess. She prefers to observe and is shy around strangers but with Mommy, she loves to laugh and talk and carry on. She also melts my heart because she's the only one who will put her head down on my shoulder right away when I pick her up. (*Real names not used to protect identities.)

Q: How did you find the most AMAZING NANNY ever??!?!?! 
A: I wonder who submitted this question! Well, you see late one night, I was stressing about what I was going to do for childcare after my Mom was admitted to the hospital. This fairy came down and granted me one wish. Poof! The next day, we had the most awesome nanny ever! Okay, maybe that didn't happen but it sounds much better than reality! The truth is, I used an online site to find her. But even though she came through that tool, without a doubt, I know that God sent her to us. I've known in my heart she was perfect for us and not only that, so many people who had the pleasure of meeting her have told me how she was an absolute match for us and a complete sweetheart. We love our Nanny! We hate to move  because we will really miss her! 

That's all for the questions this week, but I want to take just a quick minute to thank all of my blog followers who have joined me in prayer for my Mom. She is home! We had a wonderful welcome home reunion! She went from not being able to walk or eat for months, to RUNNING into her house and JUMPING on her bed. God is so good! We could definitely feel all of your prayers throughout this ordeal and are thankful for each and every one. We know that thanks to prayer, Mom is going to kick cancer's butt and enjoy every second with her "quadbabies". She still has several more rounds of chemo to endure, but she just completed her second round with very very little side effects! We are so thankful and praising our heavenly father for this true miracle!

Until next time,
Love and Prayers,


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