Wednesday Series - Ask the Quad Mom (Week Three)

Hey y'all! I hope that everyone's week is going well! Can you believe we're already halfway done? It's time  for another week of question and answers in our weekly series! We had some really good questions again this week so I'm excited to have the chance to answer!

Q: What formula do you use?
A: This might be a short answer but, we use Similac Advance. It's sweeter than the 22 calorie Enfacare we were feeding so when we transitioned over, we REALLY started going through the formula! We've also started going through the equivalent of about 2 jars of baby food a day! So far, we've tried sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, and apples! At this point, bananas and apples were clearly the winners! (The babies MIGHT take after their Mommy with their sweet tooth.)

Q: Do they all cry at once? What do you do?
A: Okay, this one made me giggle. Nope. They never cry! Okay. Okay! Just kidding. The truth is, yes, there are times when all four are crying at once. When this happens, I simply wave my magic mommy wand and voila, no more crying! Okay. You got me again. When "the choir" as I like to call them starts going off, I have to take a deep breath and then just focus small; figure out why everyone is crying and through process of elimination, I always figure it out and we get everyone quiet and happy again! Usually, it's one baby who works everyone else up so the main goal is to figure out the guilty party and solve their problem first! 

Q: Do you hate it when people with one baby complain? 
A: Wow! That's one I haven't thought of. I almost left this question off, but my promise was to answer your questions and in an effort to be truthful in blogging, I won't hold back. No, I do not hate it when people with one baby complain. Is it hard to hear sometimes? Maybe. But everyone is fighting their own battles and raising one baby or a dozen babies is work and trying and every new mom deserves the right to complain! Sleep deprivation is no joke! You only know what you experience. I once had a friend with infant twins and a toddler tell me she felt guilty complaining when she thought of me. I told her not to feel guilty at all. I know without a doubt her job is challenging and she definitely should reserve the right to complain! In the end, we're all here doing some of the most important work on Earth and yes, it's going to be tough. I always think about the fact that there is always someone out there who has it worse. On days when I feel like this is the hardest job on Earth, there's a few special mommies that I always think off and know they'd give anything to be in my shoes and that gives me the strength I need to go on. 

Now, you didn't ask me if we secretly race families with fewer babies than us in parking lots to see who can get everyone loaded, strapped in, and strollers secured first. That answer is a resounding yes. And a game we love when we win! Okay, okay. Adam isn't as into the game as I am. But seriously, if you see us out and about and you're pushing a baby, chances are, we are I am racing you!

That's all for this week's questions but keep them coming for next week! I love the questions you guys submit! Now, be ready because in the next few days, I've got a review of my Bluum Box to share, BIG news to share, and an AWESOME new product to tell you all about! It's a big week! Get ready!

Until then, love and prayers,


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