Wednesday Series - "Ask the Quad Mom" Episode 2

Oh boy! Another week in the "Ask the Quad Mom" Series! I'll keep this one going as long as I keep receiving questions. This week, I was really excited to be asked some awesome questions. Way to go guys!

Question: What was your pregnancy like? Were you sick a lot?

Answer:    I love this question! Fortunately for me, this was my first pregnancy so I didn't have a lot to compare it to.

Right from the start, we knew something was up. Even before we saw two pink lines, I'd been having severe abdominal pain and had to start wearing my pants unbuttoned due to something called "Hyperactive Ovarian Syndrome". 

Once I recovered from that, my biggest complaint was fatigue! I was so tired! It took all of my being to get out of bed in the morning, I was tired all day and could fall asleep at my desk in the office, and would usually fall asleep while Adam drove us home and immediately hit the recliner the minute I walked in the door. Adam captured some really unflattering pictures of my snoozing away during pregnancy. But it was for good reason, my body was making FOUR human beings! That takes a lot of work which can be exhausting! Don't judge! 

I asked Adam to send me a pic off of his phone of me sleeping during pregnancy. Apparently, I slept A LOT. But so did our yorkie. She's in every picture whether you can see her or not! 

I was however, very blessed not to suffer from a lot of nausea. Smells would however send me into gagging fits that did result in vomiting but that phase didn't last too long thankfully! 

As for cravings, I was convinced we were having all boys because everyone says if you crave spicy or savory, it's a boy and sweets are a girl. My biggest cravings was chips and salsa. We ate so much Mexican food but mainly just for the chips and salsa. My favorite during the first part of my pregnancy was Chili's Chips and Salsa. Seriously, if you haven't tried their chips and salsa, you're missing out. Go try it. Now! And bring me back some, please! Later in the pregnancy, I started craving more sweets too so I guess the girls were finally speaking up and telling me they needed some love too!

As my pregnancy progressed, I did develop a few other side-effects/illnesses that were unique to the quad pregnancy including pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome (ouch), cholestasis (talk about a killer case of the itchies), and in the very end, preeclampsia (yuck/scary) but overall, I was blessed to have a healthy pregnancy and even more blessed to bring four babies home! 

Question: Last week you shared the schedule that the babies are on at six-months old. Is there a reason you follow such a strict schedule? Is it hard to stay on routine?

Our 6-Month Schedule

Answer: Again, another great question! The truth is, the schedule is not ONLY for the babies! It's also to help me maintain my sanity. Just about everyone, including both the babies and me, seems to do better on a set schedule. It just helps to know what's going to happen next and when something has to take place. We operate on a pretty tight schedule around here. I have it written out on a white board (pictured above) in the babies room to keep everyone on the same page (yes, this means me too) and we keep track of dirty diapers and feedings on a chart we keep in a binder. You can see a general format of the chart (we personalize it for our needs) in the Resources for Multiples Section or by clicking here. I'll admit, there are days when we just can't keep on schedule and we do get off but I always try to get back on track as quickly as possible because it seems as though staying on track definitely makes for happier babies.  That said, we still have lives to live so there are times when we are out and away from home where we aren't 100% on schedule but we try our best to adhere to it as much as we can and if we get off for a day or two, it's important to get right back on track as quickly as we can! It definitely means less fussy babies (times four)!

I love the awesome response and excellent questions you guys are sending in! I'm looking forward to another round next week! Again, feel free to submit your questions directly through the blog, in the comments section, on Facebook, or via direct email to


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