I've been keeping quiet about something, but as the big day approaches, I’m ready to share my news publicly. It’s official! On Friday, August 15, 2014, I will end my almost 10 year career in commercial real estate and recruiting. Whew. I've known it was coming for several months, but had some loose ends to clear up before I could actually leave my position.
Several weeks ago I received an email from a candidate saying he had heard about my upcoming “retirement” and wished me all the best. “Hmm”, I thought to myself. “Retirement?” “Really?” I have not really thought of it as retirement, but more of a complete career change.

When we initially found out that we were going to be parents to four babies, I never dreamt that it would be an option for me to not to work outside the home (babies are expensive after all). Even after the babies were born, I fully intended on going back to work (even though after eight weeks of maternity leave, the babies were barely coming home from the hospital). Things have slowly fallen into place and have led us more and more to this place. Working and caring for babies is HARD. I had to work hard to find someone who was able to assist with caring for four infants. Remember that part above where I mentioned that babies are expensive? You know what else is expensive? Childcare! I was blessed to find fantastic help to provide excellent care for our babies but it’s costly! So costly in fact that my paycheck has basically been going to pay our nanny with pretty much nothing left over. (Talk about losing motivation to work!) Seeing this expense begin around the same time my husband took a new position was enough to really make us reconsider what we were doing? What would we be accomplishing by my working outside of the home? Would it be more beneficial to our family and to our children if I were to stay at home and care for them? We feel the answer is a resounding “yes”!

I can assure you that caring for four infants and in the near future, toddlers is a full-time job in itself. Many of you may not have even known that I was working. However, I've managed to care for four infants, maintain a house, and work 30 hours a week for the past few months. It’s taken a lot of sacrifice from my husband and my family in order for me to do so. Not to mention, it hasn't been the easiest for me. The blog posts you've been reading have basically been my down time. I love to write and blogging serves as a release to me.
So what happens after I leave my career? I’m hoping that I’ll be much more rested and not as flustered! My plans are to put caring for my family first. Adam and I have big plans on the horizon which I’ll share with you at some point in the future. However, I also plan to put more emphasis on my blog. I've been encouraged by several friends to really pursue my love of writing and perhaps I’ll even be able to turn Lotsobaby Lane into an income source for my family at some point. Adam and I know that in order to make things work with one income and six people, there will be cutbacks and that we will have to be extremely frugal but we know The Lord will provide and our babies won’t go without. We know that our sacrifice will pay off down the road for our babies’ futures and for the legacy we will leave behind.

As I round up my career during the next week, I reflect upon all of the memories and all of the experiences I've gained in the last 10 years. Never in a million years did I think I’d be at this point, but here I am! It’s a very scary and exciting time, but as we have for pretty much all of our relationship, Adam and I are grabbing on with both hands and holding on tight with faith that our God will provide and just seeing where the ride takes us! We hope we’re able to share this journey with you for many years to come!

Love and Prayers,


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