Praying for a place to call home...

A little over a year ago, Adam and I found out we were expecting quadruplets. I don't think I have to say it, but that news definitely sent us scrambling to figure out so many changes we had to make in preparation. We were praying for one baby, but never in our lives thought we'd be preparing for four. 

We knew right off the bat (when the specialist told us immediately after we heard the heartbeats for the first time that he recommended we reduce the pregnancy to two for both my sake and the babies' sake; that's a story for another day), that my pregnancy was going to be high-risk and a lot of work. We had recently moved into a home we were leasing in a suburb of Houston. When the pregnancy hormones kicked in, so did my sense of smell. I began telling Adam repeatedly that something was off in that house. I kept smelling mildew throughout the entire house. Eventually, it got bad enough that Adam could smell it too. However, when I started having nosebleeds every single day, we started to put two and two together and realized there was a very real possibility the house had mold and the mold was affecting my health. We knew we had to move out of that house for my sake and for the babies' sake as soon as possible no matter the cost. 

We prayed and sought counsel from people we trusted immensely. Eventually, we came to the decision that we wanted to raise our family in the small Texas town where I grew up. My family owns land here that's been in the family since 1878. (Yes, you read that right. 1878!) Knowing our time crunch, we spoke to my aunt and uncle to see if they would let us live in their farmhouse on the property for a few months until we could move a modular home in on the land. They were so kind and gracious to offer it up to us and we are so grateful for all of the help we've received from them. We were ready to sign the papers on the home we picked out (it was gorgeous by the way with a fireplace, HUGE kitchen, and a room for each baby).  Then at the last minute, we got some opposition to our plans that we just weren't expecting. 

Long story short, we ended up NOT purchasing the home nor did we build a home as we had also considered. My aunt and uncle have been so gracious to allow us to remain in this house as long as we've needed. However, the time is close approaching that the babies will be mobile and even though we don't dare think about it in the middle of August in Texas, soon it will be cold again. Old farmhouses weren't exactly built to be the warmest and with four preemie babies in the house, we know we need a place that's warmer and not to mention bigger for them and all of their stuff.

So...for the past several months, Adam and I have been back to praying about where we should build our family. The community where we are has been amazing! They have blessed us with help and even helped us to purchase the four-seater stroller that I desperately needed for when Adam is at work. During my Mom's illness, several ladies have stepped in and provided me with tremendous help by washing the babies' clothes for me and just giving me their company for a few minutes a day, often, helping out with holding babies or feeding bottles. One special lady has even helped me go grocery shopping with them. However, property in our area is expensive and Adam's work is also far away so it's made for a huge decision to be made! 

After several months of searching for a place to call home, we narrowed our search down to two cities: Corpus Christi, Texas or San Antonio, Texas. We visited both cities and completely fell in love with one. On our first visit to Corpus, we had the van loaded down with babies and our yorkie and planned to just drive around, get a feel for the city, check out the beach and maybe eat a quick supper. As we pulled onto Ocean Avenue (the main street that goes by the bay), we took one look at the water and exchanged glances with one another. Adam drove us down to a beach area, where we saw the pretty white sand and gorgeous blue water. This was a beach that looked like what a beach SHOULD look like! And it was right here in Texas! We both looked at each other again to see what the other was thinking. Without even a word, we both knew, THIS was home. FINALLY! 

Our first trip to Corpus and the first time to see the pretty blue water!

The next step was to find a house. We searched and searched and a few times, we got frustrated because nothing seemed to meet our needs. We looked at quite a few homes. Adam started getting frustrated with me because he felt like I found something wrong with each house. When all of a sudden, unexpectedly, we found THE one! The first time we viewed it, we took turns going in to look. Adam went first while I waited in the car with the babies. We thought it was too good to be true so I didn't get my hopes up. I saw him come out and go over to speak with the neighbor who was working in his yard. Adam returned to the car and said nothing but "you need to go look at that house". So, away I went. I walked through the front door to see a HUGE open living area on the first floor and immediately imagined my four soon to be toddlers crawling around and teeter tottering with plenty of space. I had not been able to envision that in ANY of the other homes we'd toured. We left there, knowing we'd found our HOME! We went back once more, this time, standing in the middle of the downstairs and praying over the home.

The open downstairs area in our new home.

And now, it's time to begin packing up our life yet again to move with our family into our home. Moving with four seven-month-olds will definitely be a feat in itself but we know it can be done. As I type, I'm surrounding by empty boxes and a few packed ones along with tons of "clutter" I'm working on removing from our lives. We are sad to leave the wonderful community and this sweet house where I have so many fond memories, but we are very eager to finally feel like we have a home. We still aren't certain on our exact move date because of Adam's work and some prior engagements but hopefully soon these boxes will be headed south to Corpus and the babies will be on their way to having plenty of room to crawl around, learn and explore! 

It's been a long journey to get to this point. There's been a lot of challenges over the past year, some expected and some that just hit us out of left field but we've overcome. I'm sad that I won't be next door to my Mom and able to call her over for help whenever I need to, but I know this is where God is calling our family. Looking back, maybe He's prepared us for this all along. He gave us opposition to our original plans that was strong enough to bring them to a screaching halt. Then, he ripped away my Mom, my rock through my pregnancy, for the fight of her life just as we were coming home from the hospital for what I truly believe was to teach me that I can do this on my own; that Adam and I have what it takes to do this and we can survive with God's help alone without someone always there to hold our hand. 

Please pray for us as we prepare to open this new door on our journey. Moving will be stressful, especially with four babies. It will take some time to get situated in between feedings, diaper changes, play time, and snuggles but soon, we will be home, and we're really looking forward to it! I can't wait to share our journey with you!

Love and prayers,


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