It's Gonna Be Okay Child; It's Gonna Be Okay

As I’m writing this, I’m comfy in my bed. I had another post started and fully intended on sharing it with you guys tomorrow. However, what I’m about to tell you, is much more important. What I’m about to share, is nothing short of a miracle.  What I’m about to share with you, is one more experience to add to my testimony for Christ.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t share experiences like this with the world. What I experienced was extremely personal. It was something that caused me to sit and ponder if my experience had been real or if it was all a dream. But if you’ve been following and reading my posts, you know that over the course of the past year, my faith in Christ has been pushed to the limits and has been proven through and through. And now, I have just one more story to share as part of my testimony. What I experienced was no doubt real and it was a message directed specifically for me.

The past few months have been HARD. We have faced struggle after struggle all the while witnessing miracles in kind acts of others. I’ve written about the health struggles my Mom has been battling. I’m not sure if I have accurately shared the true depth of her struggle, and the real fear my entire family has faced regarding her health. My Mom has been extremely sick. She battled illness after illness only to later find out those struggles were caused by stage IV, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the bone marrow. The disease caused quite a few struggles for her including HLH Syndrome (a syndrome where her red and white blood cells ate each other like Pac-Man). She also faced something called Stephens’ Johnson Syndrome which was a severe reaction to an antibiotic given to treat a urinary tract infection. During the course of her first chemo treatment for the lymphoma, Mom became septic and tested positive for multiple bad bacteria. During all of this, there were points where we didn’t know how much more she could take. I remember spending one Tuesday at the hospital with my Dad and both of us spending most of the day in tears, holding Mom’s hands, and praying for healing for her. She was unresponsive and all her energy was used to sleep and fight off infection. I’m not kidding, things were bad.

During all of this, I remained strong in my faith and continually prayed that God would heal my Mom. I also requested prayers from pretty much everyone I knew via Facebook, text messages, phone calls, and in-person. I was at the point where I was asking random strangers who asked about the babies to please pray for my Mom. It was extremely challenging for me because during a time when I really wanted to be by my Mom’s side, I also had to handle my responsibilities as a wife, a mother and as a full-time employee. It was tough going for a while! So I began praying to God asking him not only to restore my Mom’s health, but to give me some sort of a sign that things would be okay. I remained in constant prayer for my Mom, day and night. When I’d awake during the night, I’d pray for her. When I said prayers every night with each baby, we prayed for her every time.

The house we are living in for now belongs to my uncle. It was my grandmother and grandfather’s house and the house my Mom (and uncles) grew up in. This house has very special memories for me. For the first three years of my life, I spent almost every day of my life in this house with my “Nanny” (grandmother). My Nanny was probably my best friend as a baby and a toddler. We spent countless hours playing together, making “mudcakes”, going through her “button box” and she made me more bowls of macaroni and cheese and “butta bread” than either of us would probably admit. I loved her so much that both of my daughters are named after her. A huge hole has always been in my heart since she went to be with the Lord.

As often happens, on the morning of July 8, 2014, I awoke to one of my babies crying at about 3:00 AM. I sleepily rolled out of bed so I wouldn’t wake my husband and started my way to their room so I could comfort him. Immediately when I entered the living room, I could smell fresh baking bread. The smell was so strong, instead of going straight into the babies’ room, I went to the kitchen to see if perhaps there was bread in the oven. When there was no bread, I returned to the living room where I stood puzzled. Suddenly, an indescribable feeling of peace came over me and the words “it’s gonna be okay child, it’s gonna be okay” played over and over in my mind. I knew immediately that this was a message meant for me. My “Nanny” was well known in the community where we live for her homemade bread. I took care of the crying child, but remained in the living room contemplating what had just happened and praying regarding the message as well as Mom’s health.

The next morning, I shared the story with my husband and a few others who are close to me. I was scared that people might think I was crazy for such an odd experience but everyone I told, reassured me that what I’d experienced, was exactly what I thought it was: a true message from God meant only for me. I clearly knew without a doubt that this was God’s sign that I’d been begging for. He was going to heal my Mom.

It just so happened that that very day, was the turning point in Mom’s hospital stay. The bacteria started responding to treatments, and slowly, very slowly, her health began to turn around and she began to heal! I was so excited the next time I visited her to see her awake and alert because that meant I could share my experience with her so she’d know that Nanny had brought me a message from God and we were going to be okay. When I hugged my Mom bye that day, she told me “I’m going to be healthy again, Misty. I’m going to get healthy and I’m going to come home.”

It’s been a long process, and a tough battle, but today, I’m happy to share with you the miracle we received. A bone marrow biopsy was taken this past Monday to see how Mom had responded to her first round of chemo. We received the results today; THERE WAS NO SIGN OF LYMPHOMA!!!! Immediately upon receiving this news, tears filled my eyes. God’s message to me was undoubtedly true. I knew at that very moment that He had sent my Nanny to give me the message so that I could be at peace with everything I was trying to juggle, knowing that my Mom would return to health and be able to share in my joy as a mother with me very soon.

My Mom still has a long battle ahead of course. She has to recover from the chemo and will still possibly undergo more chemo but God is with her and He’s with us. He’s with each and every one of us. All you have to do is believe in Him! Give your life to Him and trust Him with your struggles. He will never leave you and will never forsake you. Even in the deepest, darkest times, He’s still there. He sees your struggles and while He may allow you to suffer for a period or a season, but always remember He won’t ever allow you to go through anything that He does not ordain as for your eternal good. I know firsthand that He won’t ever give me more than I can bear. Even when it feels like I’m at my breaking point, He sends JUST ENOUGH of whatever it is I need, to get me through. If you haven’t already, talk to God. Share with him your faith in Him and Him alone and then give him your burdens, your worries, and your fears. God says He won’t forsake you and He means it.


  1. Thank you Misty, for sharing this wonderful story. Your witness for our Savior has been remarkable! Your family and your folks are still in my prayers.

  2. Misty, this is beautiful and gave me goosebumps! There have been countless times when our Heavenly Father has also intimately spoken to me, and has done things like this that have been so sweet, intimate, caring & personally touching. I love this. Moments like this God lets his children have reassurance that without a doubt, He is right here- He is REAL- He hears us and He has concern for our struggles. Beautiful!

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