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Why I Don't Use Special Baby Detergent

You read right, I don't use a special detergent for our babies! Just like everything else, when you put the word wedding or baby in front of it, it seems like the cost doubles!! When you have four babies, you have to be sure to stretch every single dollar as far as you can so I tend to question each purchase and categorize it into needs/wants/extras. Baby detergent is definitely an extra in our family. 

We are so blessed! This past weekend a group of women in our community got together and organized a laundry service for our babies. Generally speaking, I've been pretty successful at staying on top of laundry by washing loads constantly. Some days are better than others in terms of how much laundry we make. Spit-ups, accidents, bath times (which I've started doing every night in the last few weeks to add to sleep), all account for extra laundry. So when these incredible ladies offered to help out, knowing how precious every minute of my day is, I felt a huge relief to be ble…

Parenthood - And the burn of sacrifice

Since becoming parents, and parents in a BIG way, Adam and I have definitely gotten a taste of giving up ourselves for our family. Parents are probably the least selfish people in the world and becoming one yourself, definitely makes you appreciate the things your own parents have done for you.

As I write this, I'm supposed to be in Dallas, walking into George Strait's final concert of his final tour with my husband. George Strait has been a part of Adam's life, my life, and our life together for forever. Baby Blue has always been my song and on our very first date, it was the first song Adam and I danced to ever. On our wedding night, while we didn't have a big reception, Adam and I danced to George Strait, played off his phone in his coat pocket, atop the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Houston. And on our honeymoon, we went to see George (in nosebleed seats) in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

So when the local radio station, 93Q, had a call in contest to win tickets late last year,…