A Night at the Drive-In

Since having the quads, one of the challenges we face is finding things to do as a family where we won't attract a lot of public attention, yet we can still get out of the house and have some fun, so I was excited to find out that there was a drive-in movie theater not far from home!

What a great idea! We could easily load everyone up in our van, pack pillows and blankets to pad the back and lay down babies, and take a few chairs for us to sit on. I quickly Googled The Showboat Drive In in Hockley, Texas to see what the fuss was about. Thinking we'd be able to see old movies, I was surprised when I found out that for $6 an adult, you got a double-feature of two new release movies in the comfort of your own vehicle! Immediately, I told my husband what I'd found and we were sold! What a great way to get out of the house!

On Saturday, we began the preparations early in the afternoon. We planned to see Godzilla followed by Captain America. We knew we'd need to time feedings just right so we could enjoy the movie but felt good knowing we could sit in the back of the van and feed babies if we needed to. We packed up supplies, dressed babies (and ourselves) and we were off. We went early so that we'd have time to feed everyone and visit the concession stand for dinner before the first movie started. That was a good thing! The place was CROWDED! How could it be that everyone in Houston knew about this place but us? Luckily, we were able to find a spot that was semi-close and still gave us plenty of room for the babies. 

We we arrived, we set about taking all of the babies out of the car so that we could remove the car seats and put down the back seat. I couldn't help but snicker as I watched the people's eyes in the car next to us grow bigger and bigger as we brought out one baby, then another, and another, and finally another. After the fourth, the guy couldn't hold back any longer. He asked "how many babies do you guys have in there"? I assured him that was all but that next time, we'd be sure to bring our dog like he did! 

Once Adam had removed car seats and converted the back of the van into what would be our "movie room", I set out padding it with lots of blankets and pillows. I arranged all of our diaper bags so we could easily access our supplies. Then it was feeding time for four little mouths. After they ate, Daddy wrapped them in swaddles as it got kind of cool as the sun went down. I settled the babies in the back of the van while Daddy and Grammy went to get sustenance for us adults! Just in time, they came back with burgers, fries, popcorn, candy and drinks. A few minutes later, the lights on the screen came on signifying the movie was getting ready to start. We tuned our car stereo in to the station that would air the movies on our screen and settled in and enjoyed our snacks while we watched Godzilla underneath the stars. 

Mommy & Daddy with all babies in our movie mobile!

As people who grew up on when drive-ins had already past their hay day, this was a new experience for both my husband and me. Grammy said that it reminded her exactly of going to the movies with her Dad as a child. It was a neat experience to see the movie in the privacy of our own van, underneath the stars with the sun setting in the background and later a big moon to the left of the screen. At one point during the film, I caught a glimpse of a falling star and pointed it out to Adam. 

There was a short intermission in between Godzilla and Captain America and then the second film came on. A lot of people left during the intermission so we got a closer spot. Slowly during Captain America the babies began waking them up but it was so nice to be able to change them and feed them without disturbing anyone else. 

 It was a late night as we didn't get home until almost 3 AM (which just so happened to be feeding time again) but is was so worth it for a night out of the house! We will definitely back to The Showboat soon! Besides the people in the car next to us, only one other couple noticed how many babies we had and came up to talk to us. It was the first time we'd been anywhere that I didn't feel completely overwhelmed.

Four conked out babies

Our advice if you decide to go, get there early and make sure you bring cash as they do not except cards. Bring a board game or something fun to do as a family while you wait! There is also a playground for the kids to enjoy while waiting.While you could probably easily bring in your own snacks and drinks, they rely on concession stand sales to stay in business and since their prices are really reasonable (not at all what you'd expect at a normal theater), I recommend visiting the snack bar for food.  Be sure to pack chairs and blankets (it was downright chilly on the night we went) and dress comfy! You get to watch in your own car so why not wear PJs! Next time we go, I'm going to dress the babies in their jammies and bring lounge chairs for the adults. Who knows, maybe we'll see you there!


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