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Look what I got! GoVoxBox

Check out what I got in the mail! As a member of Influenster, a free-to-join community of trendsetters and educated consumers, every month, thousands of members receive complimentary boxes of full-sized products to test, rate and review!

I was selected to receive the #GoVoxBox this month! As a recipient, here's some of what I'll be trying out:
PROFOOT Triad Orthotic ($10.49) #GoPROFOOT, Pedi-Rock ($8.99) #GoPROFOOT, Sport(R) Fresh Balance ($3.99-$4.99) #PlayOn Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds ($3.99 for a 4 oz bag) #GetYourGoodGoing Greek Corner and Corner Yogurts ($1.99) #mullerquaker Spa Relax Collection ($9.99) #RelaxWithAquaSpa Step Fit N Full Protein Shake on - 3 Sample Shakes and a ShakerLook for my product reviews to come! 
You t…

A Night at the Drive-In

Since having the quads, one of the challenges we face is finding things to do as a family where we won't attract a lot of public attention, yet we can still get out of the house and have some fun, so I was excited to find out that there was a drive-in movie theater not far from home!

What a great idea! We could easily load everyone up in our van, pack pillows and blankets to pad the back and lay down babies, and take a few chairs for us to sit on. I quickly Googled The Showboat Drive In in Hockley, Texas to see what the fuss was about. Thinking we'd be able to see old movies, I was surprised when I found out that for $6 an adult, you got a double-feature of two new release movies in the comfort of your own vehicle! Immediately, I told my husband what I'd found and we were sold! What a great way to get out of the house!

On Saturday, we began the preparations early in the afternoon. We planned to see Godzilla followed by Captain America. We knew we'd need to time feedings …

What I Don't Know...

In my twenties, I watched a lot of my friends and siblings have babies so I got a lot of practice with caring for babies. These days, I think back fondly to some of those memories. Taking my nieces for outings to the zoo or the movies and spoiling them rotten. Babysitting my twin nieces and giving them baths. There’s one memory in particular that stands out to me. One of my dear friends and I decided to take her babies to the mall one day. It was her first outing with her stroller. We got it out and pushed it around the mall with no issues. No issues that is, until, we got ready to leave. We were successfully able to take the baby out and get him in his car seat, unload our bags, and empty out the stroller. The issue came when we tried to fold it back down to it’s original state. Try as we might, we just weren’t able to do it. I remember the laughter we shared as we crammed it in it’s full, not-compact state into the back of her Tahoe and driving away feeling like everyone was staring…

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Today, May 12, is Adam’s birthday! I thought that given the fact that it’s his special day, I’d write a special post today in recognition of him and all he does for me and our family.
When Adam and I met, I’m pretty sure that he never expected to become my husband and much less, the father of quadruplets! (I know I didn’t expect it.) It’s amazing what God has done with just a couple years of our lives.  When Adam and I first met, one of the first things he realized about me was the strong desire in my heart to become a mother. Of course, once we were serious, I shared with him my struggles with infertility and how I didn’t know if I’d ever get to be a mom. He promised me when we were just dating that one day, he’d find a way to make me a mother. So he bought me a puppy…JUST KIDDING! (But he did buy me a puppy!)
In January of 2013, I turned 33 and we began to pray hard for a baby. I began to endure test after test and Adam stuck by my side through it all even while going through his own …

Mother's Day for the Infertile Woman

Mother’s Day:  a day meant to honor the women in our lives who take on probably the biggest responsibility a human can ever be entrusted with; making another human being from start to finish! 
Lately the TV has been flooded with beautiful commercials honoring moms. The stores are full of beautiful displays holding the perfect card, tons of gifts, and fragrant flowers.  But what about the women who want nothing more in the world than to become a mom but for whatever reason, can’t?
It is good and right to honor mothers. However, we must recognize that many infertile women find this day almost unbearable. This Mother’s Day will be my first and while I’m super excited that I get to celebrate this year, I can’t help but remember the pain I felt each year that went by as I battled infertility.  I was always happy to celebrate the moms in my life! Heaven knows that I’ve been blessed with a wonderful, beautiful, and kind Mother who’s been there for me through thick and through thin. I love tha…

Four Babies Go to the Doctor!

For most people, I imagine a trip to the pediatrician involves throwing a couple diapers and a bottle into the diaper bag, strapping the baby in the car seat and taking off. Not for us!

A trip to the pediatrician for quads involves perfect planning and execution. It's an art form; one that requires perfect timing and organization to pull it off with a melt down (and by melt down, I mean Mommy and Daddy). 
The planning starts early, usually the night before with packing of two diaper bags; one with at least 10 diapers, a full package of wipes, 4 extra onesies, 6 blankets, 4 bibs, 6 burp cloths, 2 full size bottles of Purell, diaper rash cream and lotion and another bag with four bottles and 32 ounces of formula. The next day, planning continues with careful timing of feedings for the day. We don't want four screaming babies halfway to the doctor's office so they must be fed just before we leave the house. All four babies must be changed and dressed appropriately, strapped …