Quad Life Continues...

Since coming home on March 17, it’s been round the clock work managing feeding all four babies every three hours. For most people, looking after one baby is challenge enough with sleepless night, endless feedings and constant diaper changes.  Our family has to work in shifts during late night and early morning feedings. We have had to rely heavily on our moms for support during this time. Adam’s Mom has moved in with us for a few months to help us get through this hump.

Meal time for the babies takes about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many people are available to help at the time. The babies are on a three hour schedule, which means every three hours, we wake them (if they aren’t already awake), change their diapers, kiss/love on them, and then feed and burp them before the whole process stars over again.  Routine is very important in our lives otherwise, it would be impossible to accomplish feeding everyone along with the long list of other jobs that have to be done.  It’s amazing how being as little as 30 minutes off schedule can completely disrupt our day.

On top of feeding babies, the an endless list of other tasks that must be completed each day includes: emptying day diaper genies (yes, there’s two) must be emptied, stocking diapers and wipes, washing and folding blankets and burp cloths along with baby clothes, and making bottles. Right now, we go through almost four quarts of formula, approximately 40 diapers, and a package of wipes a day.  We wash and fill 32 bottles and at least two loads of laundry each day.  Bath nights look more like an assembly line as one of us bathes each baby while the other handles putting on lotion, diapering, dressing each baby.  

All this work leaves little time for anything else! Days seem to pass by in a flash so I’m constantly reminding myself that this time will end too quickly and it won’t be long that I can’t hold them in my arms this way anymore. Every night, when my head finally hits the pillow and I say my last prayer of the day, I always remember to thank God for His grace and for having so much faith in me that He gave me four babies to care for all at once. While He may not exactly promise us that He won’t give us more than we as humans can handle, He does promise that He will be there to get us through. I am often told how amazing I am or that I’m superwoman. To that, I can only respond, you are wrong. Without Christ, I am nothing. None of this is done on my own strength, but I rely on the strength that only God can supply to be able to get through.


  1. Amen!! Without God we can't do anything.
    It's good to hear how the babies are doing:) If I didn't live that far, I would love to volunteer. I have been working with families of twins for the last 14 years and enjoy spending time with newborns. Truly you are blessed to have 4 little bundle of joy:)
    Danielle, Aylmer, Québec, Canada


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