26 Weeks Update

We've made it to 26 weeks. 24 & 25 were definitely trying but with God's grace, I'm back, feeling good, and ready to carry these babies as long as I can!

Today, I took the first in a series of steroid shots to help kick-start the babies lungs. Afterwards, we had another growth scan to see how well the babies are growing. 

Baby A - 2 lbs 3 oz  (61st percentile)
Baby B - 2 lbs 1 oz (42nd percentile)
Baby C - 2 lbs 5 oz (75th percentile)
Baby D - 1 lbs 14 oz  (21st percentile) 

All are growing well. I got Ellie (D) up from the 11th percentile to 21st. 

The only new finding is in Ellie's kidneys. Something called pyelectasis. The right one is just a hair big at 5mm. 4 mm is considered the cut-off which means this is something to watch and not a real concern at this point. We definitely appreciate all of the continued prayers and support. 


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