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This is not the post you are supposed to be reading! But, in a quad pregnancy things change quickly fairly often....

You read right. You aren't supposed to be reading this post! My last post was all about making it to 28 weeks and the excitement surrounding that. We truly were celebrating the accomplishment on Monday. Then on Tuesday, we had a dramatic change.

Let me warn you in advance, some of this is very detailed, so if you're sensitive you may not want to read on. I promised myself that I would be honest with this blog as I want it to help future quad moms and also create a "journal" so my kids can go back one day and relive what their father and I went through in the process of getting them here!

I was working from home the morning of Tuesday, January 21 and had been in the recliner all morning working on an Excel report. I looked down and noticed it was 12:40 and I hadn't had lunch yet so I set my laptop down and got up to make some macaroni and cheese. As soon as I got up, I felt a large gush of fluid leak out. Immediately, I recognized one of the things my doctor told …

28 Weeks - 2nd BIG Milestone

Today, I'm 28 weeks into my quad pregnancy! Why is this so exciting? Well, other than viability which happened at 24 weeks, 28 weeks is when actual viability SKYROCKETS!!!! Ninety percent of babies who make it to this stage of gestation survive.  We know we aren't out of the woods yet, as long-term complications are still a possibility which is why without my doctor pressing, I have really begun to take it very easy.  For several weeks now, it's been pretty rare for me to leave the house unless it's for doctors appointments or to eat. I still make it a priority to go to church on Sunday because I feel like that has what a) made this pregnancy possible and b) has sustained me and this pregnancy for 28 weeks so far!  We usually make this day our day to do errands and as I can feel my body slowing down, I have realized I also need to slow down.

I've really had to humble myself and decide what is more important, getting a few odd glances riding in a wheelchair, or keep…

26 Weeks Update

We've made it to 26 weeks. 24 & 25 were definitely trying but with God's grace, I'm back, feeling good, and ready to carry these babies as long as I can!
Today, I took the first in a series of steroid shots to help kick-start the babies lungs. Afterwards, we had another growth scan to see how well the babies are growing. 

Baby A - 2 lbs 3 oz  (61st percentile) Baby B - 2 lbs 1 oz (42nd percentile) Baby C - 2 lbs 5 oz (75th percentile) Baby D - 1 lbs 14 oz  (21st percentile) 
All are growing well. I got Ellie (D) up from the 11th percentile to 21st. 
The only new finding is in Ellie's kidneys. Something called pyelectasis. The right one is just a hair big at 5mm. 4 mm is considered the cut-off which means this is something to watch and not a real concern at this point. We definitely appreciate all of the continued prayers and support.