22 Week Update

(22 weeks pregnant)

I've been meaning to post an update but it seems like this week has just been crazy busy! Between beginning the process of wrapping things up at work, getting settled in our house, doctor's visits, Christmas parties and the overall fact that I'm really starting to slow down a bit, it's been tough to get the energy to open up the laptop. In fact, usually, when I hit the recliner, I'm out for the count! 

We had our 22-week doctor's visit on Monday. Overall, we are all doing really well. Everyone's fluids are doing well, heart beats are strong, and I'm hanging in there too. She told me it was time to start thinking about wrapping things up at the office and to really take it extra easy at home in the evenings and on the weekends.  I'll admit, when she told me that earlier this week, I felt like she was pushing it as I felt good; but as the week has gone on, I appreciate her saying those things. I'm really starting to feel this pregnancy. My carpal tunnel has moved more into my left hand meaning it too goes numb constantly and will wake me up in the middle of the night. My joints are also starting to hurt and as my "bump" develops more, it's pulling my back into an angle and causing pain there too! Did I mention how tired I am? I've started randomly passing out in the car and as I mentioned earlier, whenever I sit in the recliner to watch TV, I often pass out there too!

Other than that, things are going really well. We are excited to be taking maternity photos next week before Christmas and before they anticipate putting me in the hospital around the first of the year. Who knows, if I'm extra ambitious, I may even get a few Christmas cards out with maternity photos on them. 

Other than that, our plans are to enjoy the Christmas season for what it truly is about - Jesus' birth! As we prepare for the birth of our own four little miracles, it's amazing to think of what a TRUE miracle Jesus is and the wondrous story of His birth in a stable. It really does put things into perspective as so many people are caught up in the "commercialism" of Christmas, buying presents, spending money, etc. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends and look forward to a quiet, special Christmas this year.


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