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Infertility - One Little Word, A World of Hurt

I start this post with a very heavy heart. I-N-F-E-R-T-I-L-I-T-Y. 11 little letters that stab the heart of any man or woman experiencing it and sparks memory of a long, hard-fought battle for anyone who has overcome it. If you've never battled infertility, I know it's hard to relate but as someone who struggled for years, I can't tell you the strong emotions this one little word evokes.

Since I've announced my quadruplet pregnancy, I've definitely been plagued with a number of insensitive questions and statements about my pregnancy. I know that most are not mean-spirited and are really just innocent questions on the part of someone not knowing better. However, in spite of all of the questions I receive on a daily basis now from friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike, perhaps the worst, were ones I got while quietly battling an all out internal war against this hurtful, painful disease.  
Unlike so many illnesses, because of it's nature, couples usually battl…

22 Week Update

(22 weeks pregnant)

I've been meaning to post an update but it seems like this week has just been crazy busy! Between beginning the process of wrapping things up at work, getting settled in our house, doctor's visits, Christmas parties and the overall fact that I'm really starting to slow down a bit, it's been tough to get the energy to open up the laptop. In fact, usually, when I hit the recliner, I'm out for the count! 

We had our 22-week doctor's visit on Monday. Overall, we are all doing really well. Everyone's fluids are doing well, heart beats are strong, and I'm hanging in there too. She told me it was time to start thinking about wrapping things up at the office and to really take it extra easy at home in the evenings and on the weekends.  I'll admit, when she told me that earlier this week, I felt like she was pushing it as I felt good; but as the week has gone on, I appreciate her saying those things. I'm really starting to feel this pre…

Expectations vs Reality in the Life of a Christian Wife and Mother

(21 week photo - note the unpacked boxes in the background which just go to illustrate what I talk about in this post)

Thus far, I've really managed to have this blog echo the persona I hope that I project to others: lighthearted, upbeat and positive. The truth is, I've really struggled with this post. It's something that's been on my mind for quite some time but I've been afraid to address it in such a public way out of fear of offending some, fear of the feedback I'd get from others and probably most of all, fear of showing vulnerability. After much consideration, I realize that I truly am vulnerable and that without Christ, I am nothing. Therefore, there's nothing for me to lose here and perhaps this post will actually relate to other women (and maybe even some men) and together, we can encourage and inspire one another.  

I have been blessed. God has blessed me with a career in an amazing company. Not only that, I have been able to work my way up through…