What's in a name?

When it comes to naming one baby, I imagine that parents agonize for sometimes months on what to call their little bundle of joy. I wouldn't know. We have to name FOUR! So much thought goes into naming a child. I mean, you're giving them the name they will go through life with. What if they become president of the United States or go on to do great things? They will be known by that name for generations to come. Not to mention, we surely don't want them to be picked on at the school playground! That's kind of a big deal!

From the start, Adam and I agreed that I would name any girls and he would name the boys. We never guessed that it would be broken down so evenly. When I tell people that I've let my husband have complete control over naming his sons, many people are surprised to say the least. I, however, feel that if I trusted this man enough to marry him, let alone have his babies, I can definitely trust him with naming our sons. Even though I have some suggestions, it ultimately is his decision. 

The girls names have been pretty much set for quite some time. They are named after my maternal grandmother, both Adam's and my moms, and me! Although, I've wavered a little bit on one of the first names, I think I have made a decision. 

(Adam choosing names, with Annie "helping".)

Adam, however, had a different strategy for naming the boys. We affectionately began calling them "Buck" and "Pepe" for a while because he wasn't throwing out any names. On the day we found out there were two little boys, we went to the bookstore and he picked a baby name book. He began  with A and went through every single boy name in the book. The end result, a list of 26 names for consideration. Last night, he played with his list eliminating some names and combining some. I'm happy to say that he thinks he has selected the names for our sons. I'm not 100% confident that they will stick. When do you really know for sure? 

I'd like to begin calling them by their names. Some people might think I'm silly and I know I throw Adam off when he hears me "talking to myself" sometimes but I find myself talking to them pretty often. 

So the question I pose to you with this blog is, how did you name your child/children? When did you know that was the name that would stick? (Okay, you got me! That's two questions; but who's counting?)


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